Our Soda and Sandblasting Services Preserve and Restore Surfaces Statewide

Soda blasting is a technique used on very porous or soft surfaces that could otherwise be damaged by other traditional means of preservation. Sandblasting can be utilized to clean wood, substrate, and other hard surfaces quickly and safely. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we work hard to keep AZ looking clean and pristine. Our soda and sandblasting services preserve and restore surfaces statewide.

HVAC Coil Cleaning Protects and Extends the Life of Your Unit

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we take pride in assisting our customers with regular maintenance schedules, especially HVAC coil cleaning. We understand the importance of keeping HVAC coils clean. Without regularly maintaining your HVAC system, you might find that your energy bills have increased or that your system is running sluggish. Both are sure signs that your HVAC coils are clogged, putting you at risks for a complete system failure. It is understood across the board that HVAC coil cleaning protects and extends the life of your unit.

How Does Your Ceiling Tile Measure Up to Your Competitors?

If truth is spoken, most investors never think of looking up when preparing their storefronts or commercial businesses. Unfortunately, when customers see dirty, dingy ceiling tile, it reflects an image of your company you may not want to project. Stained ceiling tile does not need to be replaced at a costly expense. KM Facility Services of Arizona offers ceiling tile cleaning services that save business owners like yourself a bundle when it comes to repairing ceiling tile and your company image.

The Biggest Threat in Commercial Kitchens is a Greasy Exhaust System

As a business owner, you should know that grease accumulation contributes to equipment malfunction in your kitchen exhaust, making your business vulnerable to costly fire and damages. The last statistics proved that over 7, 460 structure fires in restaurants and bars are reported annually to the U.S. fire department. At KM Facility Services of AZ, we know that the biggest threat in commercial kitchens is a greasy exhaust system. That is why we provide professionally licensed kitchen exhaust cleaning services that save lives and property damages throughout Arizona.

When The Heat is On, That’s When Astro-Foil Goes to Work!

We have not even reached the first day of summer yet, and many people are concerned about the high energy bills coming their way due to extreme heat. If your energy bills are already soaring and you have done everything that you can think of to save money, maybe the issue isn’t your HVAC. Maybe the real problem lies between the walls of your home. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we recommend Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation. Why? Because when the heat is on, that’s when Astro-Foil goes to work!

Let Us Meet Your Evaporative Cooling Needs in Arizona

It is already heating up in Arizona, and KM Facility Services has been helping business owners statewide to get ready for the weather extremes coming our way. If you have not prepared yourself by changing your Rigid Media pads or cleaned out your evaporative cooler yet, there is not much time left. Let us meet your evaporative cooling needs in Arizona with evaporative cooling setup and more!

You Can Realize Peak Performance with HVAC System Cleaning

Spring is here and old man winter has most likely done a number on your HVAC system.  One way to tell if your HVAC needs a good cleaning is whether there is more dust inside your building or you are sensing some funny odors. In addition, your energy bills are climbing when the harsh weather has already passed. That is a sure sign that your HVAC is encountering issues that can be easily resolved. At KM Facility Services of Arizona you can realize peak performance with HVAC system cleaning that is professional and affordable!

Now is The Time to Be Thinking about Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

We can’t believe that winter is behind us and that spring has arrived! With that thought in mind, KM Facility Services of Arizona is already scheduling evaporative cooler maintenance throughout the state. Now is the time to be thinking about evaporative cooler maintenance before you experience breakdown.

Protect Your Investment with Regular Pressure Washing Services

It’s no secret that dirty, dingy storefronts, awnings and outside parking areas deter customers and cause your bottom line to suffer. Why would anyone do business with a place where they have to traipse through grease, gunk or bird droppings just to enter the door? Spring is here, and the birds are nesting and doing what birds do most; make a mess of your commercial property. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona can protect your investment with regular pressure washing services that keep it looking new and inviting.

The Benefits of Soda Blasting vs. Sand Blasting Services

Depending upon the project that you are getting ready to tackle, you will need to know if soda or sand is the best media to use for blasting the surface. Soda may barely touch the surface while sand may mar or disfigure it. That is why the professionals at KM Facility Services of Arizona will consult with you, ensuring that you understand the benefits of soda blasting vs. sand blasting services.