Our Soda and Sandblasting Services Preserve and Restore Surfaces Statewide

Soda blasting is a technique used on very porous or soft surfaces that could otherwise be damaged by other traditional means of preservation. Sandblasting can be utilized to clean wood, substrate, and other hard surfaces quickly and safely. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we work hard to keep AZ looking clean and pristine. Our soda and sandblasting services preserve and restore surfaces statewide.

Soda and Sandblasting Services are GREEN and Environmentally Friendly!

At KM Facility Services, we take extra care with every cleaning service that we offer, and soda and sandblasting services are no exception. We take pride in using GREEN solutions to keep Arizona beautiful. Better yet, soda and sandblasting services are very affordable! With the help of soda and sandblasting services, business owners have learned the truth about removing grease, carbon, oil, gasket material, and other contaminants that affect the value of their investment. Soda and sandblasting services can restore an object or property back to its original condition, and that can save the owner a tremendous amount of money in repairs.

If you have an anodized coating on headstones or monuments, soda blasting can remove the corrosion without disfiguring the surface of the object. Sandblasting is superb for priming surfaces, cleaning high bridges or buildings and even ship hulls. Sand blasting leaves behind a smooth, ready for paint surface that allows for good coverage without any dust or particles getting in the way. Again, sandblasting, like soda blasting, never scratches or disfigures the surface, and makes all projects look brand new again!

Only Licensed Professional Can Guarantee Soda and Sandblasting Services

If you have are seeking licensed professionals to provide soda and sandblasting services, KM Facility Services of Arizona can help! We take extra pride in caring for our customers’ needs and we also offer free quotes. Contact us at (623) 930-5490 today for all of your soda and sandblasting needs. We provide services statewide, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona municipalities.