We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State

Soda blasting is a system utilized on exceptionally permeable or delicate surfaces that could some way or another be harmed by other customary methods for safeguarding. Sandblasting can be used to perfect wood, substrate, and other hard surfaces rapidly and securely. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we endeavor to keep Arizona looking clean and pristine. We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State.

Build Your Business Image From Top to Bottom With Ceiling Tile Cleaning!

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to overlook the signs that frequently reduce customer sales all because of a perceived reputation. In the event that your image is skewed by the indoor neglect of grimy ceiling tile, clients will in all probability take their business somewhere else. That is the reason at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we urge you to build your business image from top to bottom with ceiling tile cleaning!

Protect Your Investment with Cooler Tower Cleaning Services

One of the main reasons why business owners choose to have a cooler tower cleaning is because it lowers operating costs. Regular maintenance of the cooling tower is necessary so that dirt, debris and other elements that easily cause corrosion, can be removed safely. At KM Facility Services, we only use GREEN solutions when it comes to cleaning your HVAC cooling tower because we understand the importance of environmental safety. Now is the time to protect your investment with cooler tower cleaning services by KM Facility Services of Arizona.

Prevent Your Business from Being at Risks with Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The tasks of keeping your kitchen exhaust hood, ductwork, filters and other elements clean is one that is forgotten about until a catastrophe sets in. However, without the proper kitchen exhaust cleaning, you’re a sitting duck just waiting for a grease fire to happen due to the buildup inside your exhaust system. Now is the time to prevent your business from being at risks with a kitchen exhaust cleaning by KM Facility Services of Arizona.

We Provide Rigid Cooling Media for All of Our AZ Customers!

In Arizona, the heat is on! With that in mind, KM Facility Services of Arizona, has been assisting customers statewide by helping them stay ahead of the heat and keep their cool. Have you changed your Rigid Media pads lately or cleaned out your evaporative cooler? If not, most likely your indoor air is being compromised with microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew, as well as, pollens and more. We want you to know that we provide Rigid Cooling Media for all of our AZ customers!

Using Pressure Washing Services Saves Your Company’s Image and More!

Bird droppings increase this time of the year, and along with the heat and other environmental influences, your commercial investment could be looking dingy and uninviting. With professional power washing services, we offer exterior property cleaning and restoration services. Our services cover an array of pressure washing needs including commercial complexes, decks, walkways, parking lots, trash bin areas, patios, parks, drive-thrus and just about any outdoor area.

Have You Changed Your Air Filters Lately?

If the answer to that question was no, your HVAC or air purifying system is most likely not working at optimal levels to ensure clean, indoor air levels. Many business owners forget the importance of regular filter changes, as it reduces indoor dust, pollens and mold that cause breathing issues and more. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona will ask a customer who is complaining about diminished air quality this question, “Have you changed your air filters lately?”

Why You Should Leave Fire Stopping Up To the Professionals

Fire and smoke penetration services should only be performed by a licensed professional. There are many reasons why at KM Facility Services of AZ, why we provide licensed services such as fire stopping. One, it prevents a catastrophe from happening to your investment property. Secondly, our fire and penetration services are guaranteed!  There are many reasons why you should leave fire-stopping to the professionals, so we are sharing some tips below to help save lives.

Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation Prevents Energy Loss, Lowering Utility Bills

We are well into the spring, and summer is not far off. If you are concerned about climbing energy bills and how to prevent them, we can help. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we take pride in not only offering services that help our customers save money year in and year out, but much more! We also offer top of the line products that reduce energy costs and provide GREEN living standards. If the heat is already getting to you, maybe you have not heard that Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation prevents energy loss, lowering utility bills.

Arizona’s Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance Company

Cooling towers are known for providing an environment conducive to bacteria growth of over 50 different types of microbes, including those that cause flu-like symptoms. When a cooling tower goes unused for any length of time, it can exacerbate the issue. A well maintained HVAC system and cooling tower cleaning can prevent any of these harmful organisms from becoming seated inside your cooling tower and spreading disease. Savvy business owners understand the importance of fresh, clean indoor air.