Let Us Meet Your Evaporative Cooling Needs in Arizona

It is already heating up in Arizona, and KM Facility Services has been helping business owners statewide to get ready for the weather extremes coming our way. If you have not prepared yourself by changing your Rigid Media pads or cleaned out your evaporative cooler yet, there is not much time left. Let us meet your evaporative cooling needs in Arizona with evaporative cooling setup and more!

Now is The Time to Be Thinking about Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

We can’t believe that winter is behind us and that spring has arrived! With that thought in mind, KM Facility Services of Arizona is already scheduling evaporative cooler maintenance throughout the state. Now is the time to be thinking about evaporative cooler maintenance before you experience breakdown.

Have You Left Your Evaporative Cooler Out In the Cold?

Business owners often neglect or simply forget to replace the media pads in their evaporative coolers. It is easy to do, as the cooler is not something that anyone thinks too much about until things go awry. Clogs and buildup in your media pad can cause bigger problems for your evaporative cooling system than you can imagine. Have you left your evaporative cooler out in the cold?

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Adds Years to the Life of Your Investment

KM Facility Services of Arizona has helped customers throughout the area save money and substantial repair expenses on their evaporative coolers, simply by providing regular maintenance checkups. Owners of evaporative coolers understand the money being saved and the ripple effect realized from reducing energy costs. However, many still are not aware that evaporative cooler maintenance adds years to the life of their investment.

Maintaining Your Evaporative Cooler is Necessary in AZ

If you own an evaporative cooler, then you also know that keeping it clean from debris, mold, mildew, pollen, buildup and other contaminants is vital to fresh air quality. Maintaining your evaporative cooler is necessary in AZ. Arizona is one of the leading states in the United States where evaporative coolers are in high use. Along with that fact, it is not uncommon to find these units ignored or poorly maintained for efficiency.

Now is the Time to Service Your Evaporative Cooler

The first, somewhat primitive air cooler was developed in Iran thousands of years ago. It was a crude system that possessed wind shafts that caught the wind and passed it through water on roofs as it blew it into homes or work areas. Today evaporative cooling has become a sophisticated way to save money and energy as well as effectively cooling the environment in homes, industrial plants, commercial kitchens, dry cleaners and laundries, loading docks, factories, warehouses, and more. This cooling works bests in arid climates, and it is now the time to service your evaporative cooler.