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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Your business depends on a properly working kitchen equipment system – for safety purposes and legal purposes. Well-maintained equipment also means cost-containment which is crucial to your bottom line. KM Facility Services takes pride in providing a thorough, high-quality job including transparent accountability for your legal requirements.

Preparation for kitchen equipment cleaning is a very important component of our service. It begins with an inspection of the exhaust system with the manager using the service report. We’ll note any problems found; such as bad wiring, grease on the roof, fan noise/vibration, etc. and verify the fans are in good working condition before beginning. Grease guards or other grease collection devices on the roof are covered with plastic and all equipment in the kitchen service area are protected and covered with plastic as well. The hood should also be bagged with plastic to funnel all the water and grease into a container in order to avoid getting any on the equipment or on the floor.

All hot water high-pressure cleaning units are required to put out water in excess of 180 degrees and 3000 P.S.I.

At this point, we apply degreasing chemical to the fan, all duct work, filters and the hood. That’s followed by cleaning the hood, filters, all vertical and horizontal ductwork and the fans as well and emptying and cleaning the catch pans on the pans. The ladder and roof hatch are wiped down along with all equipment in the cleaning area and the floor is mopped. We remove any grease and water that we created from the roof, back-door area and parking lot, then polish the inside and outside of the stainless steel hoods and the back splash.

The final steps include making sure the fans and all kitchen equipment is working, then date and replace the service sticker on the hood. After inspecting the completed job with an available manager using the service report, a copy will be left at the restaurant.

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