We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State

Soda blasting is a system utilized on exceptionally permeable or delicate surfaces that could some way or another be harmed by other customary methods for safeguarding. Sandblasting can be used to perfect wood, substrate, and other hard surfaces rapidly and securely. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we endeavor to keep Arizona looking clean and pristine. We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State.

The Benefits of Soda Blasting vs. Sand Blasting Services

Depending upon the project that you are getting ready to tackle, you will need to know if soda or sand is the best media to use for blasting the surface. Soda may barely touch the surface while sand may mar or disfigure it. That is why the professionals at KM Facility Services of Arizona will consult with you, ensuring that you understand the benefits of soda blasting vs. sand blasting services.

Why Do Businesses Depend Upon Soda and Sandblasting Services?

Some may be asking what the difference between soda or sandblasting services are and which one should be chosen for what job.  We provide licensed and experienced services such as soda and sandblasting so that our customers have more options when it comes to cleanup or preparation of surfaces. Once you see our work you, you will understand why businesses depend upon soda and sandblasting services from KM Facility Services of Arizona.

We Are The Leading Soda and Sandblasting Services Provider for Arizona!

When people think of hiring a professional company in AZ for Soda and Sandblasting Services, it is no surprise that KM Facility Services are the ones that they call. We hold the record of providing licensed, professional soda and sandblasting services throughout the state. Chances are, you have already seen some of our work on buildings, bridges, parks, roadways, drivethru’s and more! That is why we are the leading soda and sandblasting services provider for Arizona!

Remove Old Paint, Graffiti and More with Soda & Sandblasting Services

Soda and sandblasting services have been around for decades, yet many business owners have yet to learn the value of it or how to save money because of it.  Instead of repainting your commercial building because of its dingy appearance or graffiti damage, KM Facility Services of Arizona offers a better way to save time and reduce the costs of a total revamp. We can remove old paint, graffiti and more with soda & sandblasting services that protect and restore your commercial investment!

Soda and Sandblasting Services Keep Arizona Clean and Beautiful

If you drive through some of the beautiful metropolitan areas of Arizona, chances are you have seen some of KM Facility Services work at hand in keeping our parks and city structures appearing pristine. Whether it is bridges, monuments, walkways, buildings or other structures, you most likely have seen some of our professional work. The fact is; our soda and sandblasting services keep Arizona clean and beautiful year round!

Spring Leads To More Soda and Sandblasting Projects

At KM Facility of Arizona, our spring schedule is already filling up when it comes to providing Soda and Sandblasting Services. Spring usually is the time to start cleaning up commercial properties, and in the process commercial owners may discover unwanted grease, oil, carbon, gasket material, paint and coatings or erosion eating away at their profits. Soda and Sandblasting can save business owners a lot of money as most cleanups can be treated easily and efficiently.

The Benefits of Soda and Sandblasting Services

Business owners often overlook the availability to restore their commercial properties with soda or sandblasting. They often forget about the benefits of soda and sandblasting services, when graffiti or other unsightly damage is occurs on their investment property. Most people just reach for paint brush or hire a painting crew. At KM Facility of Arizona, we have assisted business owners by providing soda and sandblasting services that cost way less and restore their investment to its original condition!

Soda & Sandblasting Services Restore and Renew Your Investment

Many business owners are not aware of how soda and sandblasting services work or how using such services can help save them money in the long run. At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we have helped many companies just like yours with affordable soda and sandblasting services that restore and renew your investment.

What Kind Of Projects Benefit From Soda & Sandblasting?

No More Graffiti Obstructing Your View With Soda & Sandblasting Services

Throughout most metropolitan areas, one can observe unsightly defamation of commercial property in some of the most unwanted places. Unfortunately, trying to clean up graffiti can be an enormous problem for many business owners. Now there is an affordable solution that not only removes the unwanted marks from concrete, brick, wood and other surfaces, but perfectly restores it.