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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a dirty HVAC system, especially the coils and filters, can increase overall building energy usage by 30 percent. Lower the costs of your business expenses by calling KM Facility Services for a HVAC cleaning today. With our years of experience and a thorough cleaning process, you can be assured your system is running at peak performance.

This process saved us thousands of dollars by not affecting surgery schedules when long shutdowns are required.Walt Dubois, P.E., CHFM

The benefits you realize from an HVAC cleaning with KM Facility Services isn’t just felt in reduced costs for your operating budget, cleaning the HVAC system, especially the ducts will also help keep the rest of the building cleaner. More importantly, cleaning will also remove harmful pollutants from the indoor air, making it for better overall health which contributes to the productivity of employees. A dirty HVAC system is a haven for microbial contamination, which contributes to respiratory illnesses for the buildings occupants.

Air Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends inspecting and cleaning the handling unit annual and the ductwork/ventilation at least once every two years. Business that think they’re saving money by not hiring professionals to clean their HVAC system are short-changing themselves because the costs are easily recouped by long-term savings.

KM Facility Services is a NADCA certified company, with properly trained and certified HVAC professionals who start every operation with a visual inspection of the system for optimal efficiency. We’ll determine what needs to be cleaned, check for degradation of key components and gather information that can be used to benchmarch for system cleanliness and maintenance practices. It’s also critical to use the proper cleaning methods. Factors such as climate and the type of ductwork factor in to which method is most effective and safe for the cleaning of the system.

It isn’t just old duct and vent systems that need regular cleaning. In fact, the new high-efficiency HVAC systems benefit even more from regular coil inspection and cleaning because of the way they require more heat transfer across larger coils in order to operate at optimum capacity.

Finally, keeping your system clean will head off many of the problems associated with servicing dirty systems; misdiagnosis of problems, the conducting of unnecessary repairs and premature system failure due to overcharging.

Dirty Air Ducts?

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