Seasonal Air Filter Changes Increase the Life of Your HVAC

KM Facility Services of Arizona has seen the result of neglected HVAC systems, especially when the owner forgets to perform regular air filter changes. When air filter changes are ignored, indoor air quality becomes poor, and your HVAC suffers a breakdown due to clogged air filters. That is why we recommend seasonal air filter changes to increase the life of you HVAC system.

KM Facility Services Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Professionals!

It does not matter if you need a general assessment, a kitchen hood cleaning or a comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning, you will be glad you called KM Facility Services kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals! We have the experienced staff that can take care of your kitchen inspection and cleanings right away, ensuring compliance.

What’s All the Fuss about Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections?

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we have witnessed the damage caused by faulty fire and smoke dampers. As a business owner, you must understand that fire dampers help prevent the spread of flames where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. On the other hand, smoke dampers were developed to be installed within an air duct for the resistance of air and smoke passing through the system due to a fire emergency. If you have neglected the kind of protection needed in your air duct system, you may be asking, “What’s all the fuss about fire and smoke damper inspections?”

Don’t Forget The Ceiling During a Store or Office Reset

So, you have been working all month on making store changes, freshening up displays or reorganizing your inventory so that your customers will experience something new when they visit your storefront. You may have re-painted, changed your color schemes and reset displays or more, but what about that dingy ceiling tile that seems to always be an eyesore? At KM Facility Services of AZ, we offer practical and affordable solutions to dirty ceiling tile problems. Cleaning your ceiling tile is far more affordable than replacing it.

The Versatile Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation Wins Again!

With the unpredictable weather changes and extreme cold and heat, you cannot rely on indoor measures alone to keep the environment comfortable. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona recommends Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation that possesses compatible properties allowing it to be used in commercial buildings, planes, cars and other areas. Astro-Foil is easy to use and allows for high protection and low maintenance qualities. That is why consumers have agreed that the versatile Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation wins again!

Prevent Nesting Birds and Bird Droppings with Pressure Washing Services

It is January, and before you know it, nesting birds have already made their presence known in many commercial buildings and more. The tale-tale signs are bird droppings on sidewalks and parking areas below, as well as feathers and nesting materials. The result is unsightly and hazardous for you and your customers. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we know how to prevent nesting birds and bird droppings with pressure washing services.

Prevent Fire Spread with Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing

When architects design buildings, they also must include fire and smoke protection when drawing up the initial phase of the plans. KM Facility Services of Arizona works in close collaboration with builders, home owners, commercial property investors and others to ensure that your investment remains safe. We know that you can prevent fire spread with fire and smoke penetration sealing.

Enhance the Life of Your HVAC with Coil Cleaning

If 2014 brought poor indoor air quality or HVAC breakdowns, chances are your HVAC coils were not cleaned appropriately or at all. One of the main reasons for HVAC breakdowns or malfunctions is due to ignored HVAC coils. KM Facility Services of Arizona maintains HVAC care and coil cleaning for customers so they do not have to fret as to whether their investment is going to make it through the next year. Now is the time to enhance the life of your HVAC with coil cleaning that not only helps your HVAC run at optimal levels, but adds years to the life of your HVAC system.

When Is The Last Time You Changed Your HVAC Air Filter?

It is that time of the year when HVAC’s seem to be working in overdrive trying to keep the inside our offices, stores or homes comfortable. As a business owner, one of the last things on your list is worrying about how clean the air is inside your building. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona understands the importance of asking one question:“When is the last time you changed your HVAC air filter?”

Why Do Businesses Depend Upon Soda and Sandblasting Services?

Some may be asking what the difference between soda or sandblasting services are and which one should be chosen for what job.  We provide licensed and experienced services such as soda and sandblasting so that our customers have more options when it comes to cleanup or preparation of surfaces. Once you see our work you, you will understand why businesses depend upon soda and sandblasting services from KM Facility Services of Arizona.