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Cooling Tower Cleaning & Restoration

With years of experience, both in the Phoenix area and out of state, KM Facility Services can help you can protect your investment and lower operating costs with consistent maintenance of your cooling tower.

Cooling towers should be cleaned periodically to remove dirt, mud and debris from the basin. When left to accumulate, these can form a barrier between the metal of the basin and the water, preventing the inhibitors from contact with the basin and possibly leading to under deposit corrosion. Under deposit corrosion is just as it sounds; corrosion occurring under a deposit.

Not only is the corrosion possible, mud, dirt and debris in the cooling tower basin provide an excellent breeding ground for microbiological organisms, some of which can secrete an acidic solution that leads to increased corrosion.

How is this cooling tower cleaning done?

At least once a year, cooling tower evaporative salts need to be cleaned. The distribution decks and distribution nozzles should be checked and cleaned or replaced as needed at the same time. We’re able to remove the all the mud and debris that accumulates in the tower basin’s low-flow areas.

Cooling Tower Cleaning is a simple and effective method for extending the life and efficiency of your unit. KM Facility Services recommends quality products V570 and Pancrete for resurfacing.


Tower Maintenance

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