You Can Realize Peak Performance with HVAC System Cleaning

Spring is here and old man winter has most likely done a number on your HVAC system.  One way to tell if your HVAC needs a good cleaning is whether there is more dust inside your building or you are sensing some funny odors. In addition, your energy bills are climbing when the harsh weather has already passed. That is a sure sign that your HVAC is encountering issues that can be easily resolved. At KM Facility Services of Arizona you can realize peak performance with HVAC system cleaning that is professional and affordable!

What Kind of Problems Does A Dirty HVAC Consist Of?

We have already mentioned dirty air or more dust inside your building, and strange smells that are difficult to pinpoint. Dirty coils, filters, and air ducts can decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system up to 30%. Energy costs can skyrocket when HVAC’s are ignored and not cleaned on a regular basis. It is a no-brainer; if you want to lower the costs of your business expenses, the first thing you need to consider is a good HVAC system cleaning by licensed professionals.

Cleaned Air Ducts Keep Your Entire Building Cleaner

If you have negated the need for HVAC system cleaning, you most likely are experiencing dust and mold molecules blowing around in the air every time your HVAC fan is on. These same particles cause breathing problems such as allergies and asthma and make people sick. Now that spring is in the air, pollens and other particulates are subject to enter your air flow system. A good HVAC system cleaning includes changing air filters that can catch up to 95% or more of these spores and other allergens effectively and leave behind fresh, clean air for others to breathe.

KM Facility Services is NADCA Certified

You don’t want just anyone to start messing with your HVAC and trying to clean it unless they are trained, licensed and certified. KM Facility Services of Arizona offers professional HVAC system cleaning that companies throughout Arizona have grown to trust. Not all HVAC systems are equal when it comes to applying cleaning services. Larger HVAC’s need regular maintenance so as to avoid premature breakdown or degradation. Heat transfer is needed to keep your HVAC system running at optimal levels. Dirty HVAC’s cannot transfer the heat effectively, and thus, the issue is compounded by unnecessary breakdown and repairs that are completely avoidable.

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