Arizona Beats the Heat with Cooler Guard

Have you ever thought of the financial upkeep that it takes to maintain your evaporative cooler parts? These parts get scaled up due to long hours of operation and water flowing over them. Now, Arizona beats the heat with Cooler Guard.

Cooler Guard is a high maintenance product that cleans wherever the water reaches. It prevents corrosion and puts an end to scale accumulation on cooler parts. AZ has had plenty of the need to maintain evaporative coolers, and K&M Facility Maintenance knows exactly how to maintain evaporative cooler systems.

Limit Condensate Overflows and Water Damages

Sagging roof tiles, water spots and puddles are just a few of the cosmetic concerns caused by HVAC leaks, clogs and overflows. The more serious water damages that result include flooding, destruction of equipment, and mold growth inside of walls. However, all are maintenance problems that not only damage equipment and property, but are safety hazards and aesthetic concerns.

Pancrete and its Water-Repellant Nature: Protecting Condensate Pans through Intimidation

The Problem: After just a few years of service, galvanized condensate pans can start to corrode. This creates low spots in the pan causing water to pool, which accelerates the corrosion process, eventually causing the pan to leak. In the meantime, the standing water promotes biological growth, blocking the flow of water through the drain, resulting in pan overflows. Both scenarios, left unchecked, result in extensive water damage and repair.

Pancrete & V570 Calculation Formula

When calculating for V570, you want to calculate in terms of feet. You need LxWxH for accuracy. For the example above, the length and width are already shown in feet, so we just need to convert the height measurement, which will become 0.5. You will multiply length X width and divide by 100 (conservative average of square feet per gallon of coverage): Bottom* 6 X 4 = 24 / 100 = .24 gal

Long Sides: 6 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.06
Short Sides 4 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.04

For only the sides, you should add the sums together and round to the nearest quart or

Stay Green, Save Energy

Going Green: Saving resources and saving you money!

In 2008, Controlled Release Technologies embarked on a massive research program to reformulate their entire product line to conform with today’s Green standards.

The effort continues to be time-consuming, but two of their many products that are independently-certified as green as of this writing. These products are PanGuard® and First Strike MicroCoat®.