Now is The Time to Be Thinking about Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

We can’t believe that winter is behind us and that spring has arrived! With that thought in mind, KM Facility Services of Arizona is already scheduling evaporative cooler maintenance throughout the state. Now is the time to be thinking about evaporative cooler maintenance before you experience breakdown.

What Can You Expect With an Evaporative Cooler Checkup?

When we provide needed maintenance on evaporative coolers, we want our customers to know that they can expect professionally licensed services in which they can trust. If you want to gain the best use of your evaporative cooler, and save on energy and maintenance all around, a regular checkup and maintenance schedule is imperative. Proper maintenance of the unit is critical and extends the life of your evaporative cooler, as well. During our maintenance appointment, we will clean, and if needed, replace the cooler pad. Cleaning or changing the cooler pad will increase evaporation and prevent wicking. Wicking can cause corrosion damages and lead to added costs. We also provide cleaning services for the pan, and if we find that it is rusted or showing signs of corrosion, we will reseal it, preventing further corrosion and costly replacement. During the checkup process, if we discover buildup, we can remove that with our professional sandblasting services and make your evaporative cooler look new again!

Don’t Wait Until A Breakdown Occurs To Call In the Hot Days Ahead

What business can afford a breakdown in evaporative cooling, especially when temps are up in the 90’s-110 degrees? Your manufacturing facility will suffer immensely as well as livestock or others dependent on cool, fresh air to work with or to remain healthy. By the time we receive a call in the heat of the summer, we often are booked weeks out. That is why it is important to stay proactive when obtaining proper care and maintenance for your investment.

To request your evaporative cooler maintenance, call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 today. We provide services within Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson, AZ areas.