Using Pressure Washing Services Saves Your Company’s Image and More!

Bird droppings increase this time of the year, and along with the heat and other environmental influences, your commercial investment could be looking dingy and uninviting. With professional power washing services, we offer exterior property cleaning and restoration services. Our services cover an array of pressure washing needs including commercial complexes, decks, walkways, parking lots, trash bin areas, patios, parks, drive-thrus and just about any outdoor area.

Protect Your Investment with Regular Pressure Washing Services

It’s no secret that dirty, dingy storefronts, awnings and outside parking areas deter customers and cause your bottom line to suffer. Why would anyone do business with a place where they have to traipse through grease, gunk or bird droppings just to enter the door? Spring is here, and the birds are nesting and doing what birds do most; make a mess of your commercial property. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona can protect your investment with regular pressure washing services that keep it looking new and inviting.

Prevent Nesting Birds and Bird Droppings with Pressure Washing Services

It is January, and before you know it, nesting birds have already made their presence known in many commercial buildings and more. The tale-tale signs are bird droppings on sidewalks and parking areas below, as well as feathers and nesting materials. The result is unsightly and hazardous for you and your customers. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we know how to prevent nesting birds and bird droppings with pressure washing services.

Get Your Property Ready For the Holidays with Pressure Washing

Have the nesting birds, bird droppings, graffiti, and other eye sores or environmental hazards marred the appearance of your investment property? It doesn’t take much for your commercial building or areas around it to look drab or unkempt, keeping potential customers away. That is why we recommend pressure washing services to keep your investment looking pristine year round. Now you can get your property ready for the holidays with pressure washing services by KM Facility Services of Arizona!

KM Facility Provides Pressure Washing Services and Upkeep For AZ

Whether you own a store front, drive-thru or commercial building that needs routine upkeep so as to maintain a pristine appearance, we can help. KM Facility Services of Arizona provides pressure washing services and upkeep for AZ, and if you take a look around, chances are you have seen some of our work!

Arizona Pressure Washing Services Just In Time for School Opening!

School bells are getting ready to ring, and with all the preparations needed to make this next school year a success, don’t forget to clean up the sidewalks, buildings and outside recreation areas prior to the first day! Pressure washing is an excellent way to renew, restore and revive dull, dirty school yards in no time. Railing, steps, sidewalks, buildings, play equipment and more can be refreshed and ready for your students and employees upon return. KM Facility Services of Arizona is offering pressure washing services just in time for school opening!

Pressure Washing Services Improves Property Value and Appeal

The beginning of summer brings along with it higher heat and the left over residue of nesting birds and other environmental affects that can cause your investment to appear less inviting than normal. Bird droppings, nests, air pollution and more can make your business complex appear drab and undesirable. That is why so many customers call KM Facility Services of Arizona to help for pressure washing services that improve property value and appeal.

Pressure Washing Services Preserve Your Investment From Being Ruined By Nesters

Many commercial properties have become the prime nesting place for birds, squirrels and other varmints that tend to migrate to available space on rooftops and gutters. Along with the nesters comes bird droppings that can literally eat away at the construction of your building or facade. Damage is all the more noticeable if your sidewalks and stairwells are covered in bird droppings.

Pressure Washing Prevents Damage to Property Due to Bird Droppings

It’s that time of the year when birds begin to gather, nest and leave behind bird droppings on your commercial investment. It can be treacherous in the end, as bird droppings that are left to eat away at your building’s facade, sidewalks and other property can cause an enormous amount of damage. At KM Facility Services we know that pressure washing prevents damage to property due to bird droppings, so we provide the GREENEST solution for commercial properties throughout Arizona.

Give Your Commercial Investment a Facelift with Pressure Washing

Perhaps you have a great reputation for the kind of services or products that you provide, but your storefront or commercial building is looking less appealing by the moment. Environmental problems such as pollution, bird droppings, smelly garbage areas, and graffiti, can all cause the appearance of your property to take on a new image that reflects your services and products, and eventually your bottom line. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we have the perfect solution.