We Offer Licensed Coil Cleaning for your HVAC!

When is the last time your facility had its HVAC coils cleaned? Coil cleaning is an imperative service that allows your HVAC to appreciate an extended life, keeps the indoor air quality clean and fresh, and saves on energy costs. Also, KM Facility Services of AZ offers licensed coil cleaning for your HVAC! We do this so that you won’t experience expensive breakdowns and maintenance costs that often come with neglected coil cleanings.

Symptoms of Block Air Flow

If your HVAC is working overtime to keep your indoor area cooled off, it may be difficult to know if the HVAC system coils are clogged or not. A sure sign is lessened air flow and rocketing energy bills. Your HVAC system needs to be able to transfer heat easily. If your HVAC coils are clogged, dirty and experiencing corrosion, it’s only a matter of time before your HVAC system fails.

KM Facility Offers GREEN HVAC Coil Cleaning Solutions!

Unlike other HVAC cleaning services, we provide a GREEN solution to cleaning your HVAC coils that does not compromise your indoor air quality. We never use active, chemicals that leak into your air flow and cause respiratory risks. We use a less invasive technique, such as power washing and wet-vac debris removal, that will ensure that your HVAC coils will be clear of buildup, dirt and environmental microbes that often plague HVAC systems. If your drip pan is overflowing or filled with sludge, chances are your HVAC coils are working overtime due to being clogged. We also sanitize your drip pan and offer other solutions to keep it clean year round!

Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC Coils Saves You from HVAC Breakdown!

It’s no secret that many of our new customers call us when their HVAC system is sluggish or completely shut down. To avoid this kind of catastrophe, call KM Facility Services of Arizona today at (623) 930-5490 for a free estimate. We provide services within Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson, AZ areas.