Have You Changed Your Air Filters Lately?

If the answer to that question was no, your HVAC or air purifying system is most likely not working at optimal levels to ensure clean, indoor air levels. Many business owners forget the importance of regular filter changes, as it reduces indoor dust, pollens and mold that cause breathing issues and more. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona will ask a customer who is complaining about diminished air quality this question, “Have you changed your air filters lately?”

Seasonal Air Filter Changes Increase the Life of Your HVAC

KM Facility Services of Arizona has seen the result of neglected HVAC systems, especially when the owner forgets to perform regular air filter changes. When air filter changes are ignored, indoor air quality becomes poor, and your HVAC suffers a breakdown due to clogged air filters. That is why we recommend seasonal air filter changes to increase the life of you HVAC system.

When Is The Last Time You Changed Your HVAC Air Filter?

It is that time of the year when HVAC’s seem to be working in overdrive trying to keep the inside our offices, stores or homes comfortable. As a business owner, one of the last things on your list is worrying about how clean the air is inside your building. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona understands the importance of asking one question:“When is the last time you changed your HVAC air filter?”

Routine Air Filter Changes Save Money and Energy

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we make sure our customers are benefiting from their HVAC cool air systems without having to worry about breakdown or other issues that can hit the bottom line. That is why we offer routine air filter changes that save money and energy, as well as provide a variety of air filters to our customers in need.

Spring Allergies Are Reduced With HVAC Air Filter Changes

Many people never stop to think once they start using their HVAC or air purifying system more often in the spring, how pollen, dust and other allergens can begin to effect the air quality. Low grade quality air filters used in HVAC systems not only lack the ability to filter the air appropriately, but allow dust and other contaminates to form, causing clogging issues. It is a proven fact that spring allergies are reduced with HVAC air filter changes on a regular basis.

K M Facility Services is AZ’s Top Indoor Air Filters Supplier!

As licensed professionals in the field of HVAC and several other facility services,  K M Facility Services of Arizona highly recommends and supplies air filters for a variety of HVAC and clean indoor air systems. We understand the frustration of trying to order or purchase the right filter for your system; and then when it finally arrives, you discover it does not fit. We have seen our customers struggle with this for years. Now, we have built a reputation at KM Facility Services is AZ’s top indoor air filter supplier!

Not All HVAC Air Filters Are Created Equal

We have seen customers try to cut corners or not even change their HVAC air filters due to not understanding the importance of it or trying to save some money. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we are the ones that businesses have put their trust in when it comes to maintaining their investment and ensuring that their HVAC is operating at an optimal level. We don’t cut corners when it comes to providing the kind of HVAC air filters required for your HVAC or air purifying system. That is because we know that not all HVAC air filters are created equal.

Proper Air Filter Maintenance Saves on Energy Costs

Many people take the out of sight, out of mind attitude when it comes to properly maintaining their HVAC air filters. After extreme weather causes consumers to utilize their HVAC system more often, customers often forget about the need to change air filters on the HVAC unit. Proper air filter maintenance saves on energy costs and also helps reduce illness and poor air quality in your home and office.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filters This Winter!

Wintertime is usually filled with so many events that people usually overlook the need to care for their HVAC systems as needed. KM Facility Services of Arizona knows if you tend to neglect changing the HVAC filter when needed, your system could be costing you more than you can imagine. We carry an extensive variety of affordable, high quality, commercial filters for all your air purifying needs. Amongst all of the things needed to be remembered, don’t forget to change your air filters this winter!