We Guarantee That Your HVAC System is Running at Optimal Levels!

We agree with the U.S. Department of Energy when they state that a dirty HVAC system, particularly coils and filters, can cause an increase in energy use and utility bills. One way to minimize your expenses is to call a reputable company like KM Facility Services of Arizona for regular HVAC system cleanings and maintenance. With several years of experience and professional HVAC cleaning services, we guaranteed that your HVAC system is running at optimal levels!

You Can Realize Peak Performance with HVAC System Cleaning

Spring is here and old man winter has most likely done a number on your HVAC system.  One way to tell if your HVAC needs a good cleaning is whether there is more dust inside your building or you are sensing some funny odors. In addition, your energy bills are climbing when the harsh weather has already passed. That is a sure sign that your HVAC is encountering issues that can be easily resolved. At KM Facility Services of Arizona you can realize peak performance with HVAC system cleaning that is professional and affordable!

Enhance the Life of Your HVAC with Coil Cleaning

If 2014 brought poor indoor air quality or HVAC breakdowns, chances are your HVAC coils were not cleaned appropriately or at all. One of the main reasons for HVAC breakdowns or malfunctions is due to ignored HVAC coils. KM Facility Services of Arizona maintains HVAC care and coil cleaning for customers so they do not have to fret as to whether their investment is going to make it through the next year. Now is the time to enhance the life of your HVAC with coil cleaning that not only helps your HVAC run at optimal levels, but adds years to the life of your HVAC system.

Neglected HVAC’s Threaten Health with Dust, Mold, Pollutants and More!

Your ventilation system is often the biggest culprit contributing to poor indoor air quality. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona makes it their business to inspect the ductwork of your home and business. HVAC cleaning ensures that hazards like dust, mold and outside pollutants have not found a nesting place inside contributing to smelly indoor air and worse. It is a fact that neglected HVAC systems threaten health with dust, mold, pollutants and more.

Help Prevent Enterovirus D68 from Spreading In Your School

If you have been watching the headlines, than you know more than most that the nation is scrambling on finding solutions to the spread of a disease that is causing respiratory failure and paralysis in infants to school age children. One way you can help prevent Enterovirus D68 from spreading in your school is to make sure that your HVAC system is clean and your air filters are changed frequently. This will remove any air particulates that may contain the Enterovirus D68 more effectively.

Don’t Forget To Start The New School Year With Fresh Air Too

One of the main causes of the spread of childhood disease can be found in the HVAC air flow system. Lurking within the folds of your dirty air filter, you may find dust mites, bacteria, mold and other microbes breeding and spreading enough to affect your entire air filtration system. There is nothing like turning on your HVAC system after it has sat quietly for a few months, only to find that the air quality is poor, filled with dust and grime and emitting a strong odor.

Facility Maintenance Services

“Stay Green, Save Energy!”

More than 18 years of experience in the facility maintenance field combined with meticulous attention to detail and going the extra mile has made us the industry leader in Arizona. We currently have contracts with 9 hospitals, the Phoenix Fire Department and Maricopa County, to name just a few satisfied customers.

Some of the services we provide are HVAC/cooler/cooling tower cleaning, maintenance and restoration; duct cleaning; pressure washing; soda blasting; high structure, window, roof, gutter, warehouse and confined space cleaning; fire/smoke damper linkage work and landscaping. If you have any other task, just ask!

We also distribute Pancrete, Cooler Guard, Pan Guard, Algae Guard, and all other fine HVAC and cooler restoration and maintenance products from CRT, inc.

Prevent Breakdowns With HVAC System Cleaning!

KM Facility Services of Arizona experiences an influx of calls from HVAC owners during this time of the year. Mainly, the issue is because investors have neglected the much needed routine maintenance on their HVAC that allows for it to run year-round without the worry of failure. We ensure our work as licensed professionals and recommend to our customers that they can prevent breakdowns with HVAC system cleaning services.

Dirty HVAC System Makes List for Seasonal Cleaning

Spring has sprung and with it comes the lists of things that have laid dormant collecting dirt, or piling up until warmer days. If you want to save money and prevent large repair bills, it’s best to know that your dirty HVAC system needs to make the list for seasonal cleaning, especially if it has been (two years) since your last HVAC buildup removal.