The Benefits of Soda Blasting vs. Sand Blasting Services

Depending upon the project that you are getting ready to tackle, you will need to know if soda or sand is the best media to use for blasting the surface. Soda may barely touch the surface while sand may mar or disfigure it. That is why the professionals at KM Facility Services of Arizona will consult with you, ensuring that you understand the benefits of soda blasting vs. sand blasting services.

Cleaning and Preparing Surfaces Never Got Easier!

If you insist on using elbow grease and sand paper, go ahead, but we suggest a simpler solution that is fast and cost efficient.  Soda blasting can efficiently clean up softer stone such as limestone monuments and tombstones as well as degreasing motors and preparing surfaces for paint. Wood, glass and concrete all can sustain soda blasting services and be completely restored to their original state. If you have driven past city buildings in Arizona that appear glistening, most likely you have seen some of our soda blasting services working to keep Arizona beautiful.

When It Comes To Heavy Cleanup, Sand Blasting Is the Answer

Has graffiti taken over your commercial property? Don’t paint over graffiti, remove it permanently with sandblasting services by KM Facility Services.
Imagine a rusty chrome bumper needing sanding before painting? Doing the work manually could take many hours. We have been able to offer a fraction of the time in prepping a project for various applications. Rust, paint and stains can be removed easily with sandblasting services. Some surfaces become hot when sandblasting occurs, and can cause some disfiguring, that is why we use specialized material in our sandblasting services that minimize high heat transfer without causing wiring or surface damages.

Save Money, Time and Energy with Our Soda and Sandblasting Services

We provide free estimates for all of our services, including soda and sandblasting services. We consult our clients as to which media is best for their project needs, and we work around their time frame, so that business is not interrupted during the process. Need a free quote? Call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 today. We provide services throughout AZ including Phoenix and Tucson, AZ areas.