Extending HVAC System Life is Easy To Do.

You can extend the life and usability of your HVAC assets by coating vertical or curved metal surfaces and under Pancrete that is applied on horizontal surfaces that are under water. V570 is resistant to harsh industrial coil cleaning materials and is water resistant. Prevent rust and corrosion from occurring in the first place by coating early before any signs of deterioration. Prevent further deterioration by coating as soon as any corrosion is detected.

Pressure Washing A Vital Process for Regular Upkeep

While a business can develop a sterling reputation for the work it does and the service it provides, an unsightly shop or storefront can offset the image you’ve worked hard to establish. Another important benefit of pressure washing comes with the knowledge that taking care of things is much less expensive than replacing them outright. From the outside walls to the sidewalks, a good pressure washing can restore your facility to nearly its original condition because it removes the dirt and gunk that makes the surface look in worse condition than it really is.

Solutions to prevent premature coil failure

What does Weatherproof Coil Shield do? Weatherproof Coil Shield (WCS) is engineered to stop the corrosive effects of coastal salt fog on condenser coils.

How long does WCS last? Conditions vary widely. Winds, tides, and proximity to the ocean are all factors that determine corrosive rates. To help obtain a standard, accelerated weathering chambers are used to determine corrosion rates. In the field, it is recommended that WCS be replaced every year under severe conditions, and less often under milder conditions.

Water and Chemical Resistant Industrial Strength HVAC Surface Protector

HVAC Surfaces Can Take A Beating
Water, chemicals, contaminants, industrial gases, cleaners -all take their toll on the metals of an HVAC system. Flat surfaces, such as the condensate pan or drain basin, as well as vertical, slanted and curved HVAC surfaces will all eventually rust and corrode in the harsh HVAC environment.

How does cooling tower corrosion occur and what are the effects?

How does cooling tower corrosion occur and what are the effects?

Over the past decades, metal cooling towers have become popular. Tower corrosion may occur in as little as 7 years depending upon water treatment and environmental conditions. Severe rusting to the point of distressed metal of the tower basin and support structure results. Corrosion causes water leaks and increases water consumption. Structural integrity of the tower itself is reduced and gradually performance deteriorates.

Stop looking at those dirty drain pans and clogged drains!

Stop clogs in drain pans! PanGuard’s time-released detergents work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to 6 months to assure free-flowing drains in all your air conditioning units.

The action takes place in our secret non-dissolving polymer core where thousands of tiny pores hold the cleansers. In the presence of water, PanGuard slowly releases these cleansers and wetting agents to keep dirt in suspension. The result is a drain pan that is guaranteed crystal clean for up to six months.

Pancrete & V570 Calculation Formula

When calculating for V570, you want to calculate in terms of feet. You need LxWxH for accuracy. For the example above, the length and width are already shown in feet, so we just need to convert the height measurement, which will become 0.5. You will multiply length X width and divide by 100 (conservative average of square feet per gallon of coverage): Bottom* 6 X 4 = 24 / 100 = .24 gal

Long Sides: 6 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.06
Short Sides 4 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.04

For only the sides, you should add the sums together and round to the nearest quart or

Stay Green, Save Energy

Going Green: Saving resources and saving you money!

In 2008, Controlled Release Technologies embarked on a massive research program to reformulate their entire product line to conform with today’s Green standards.

The effort continues to be time-consuming, but two of their many products that are independently-certified as green as of this writing. These products are PanGuard® and First Strike MicroCoat®.