The Biggest Threat in Commercial Kitchens is a Greasy Exhaust System

As a business owner, you should know that grease accumulation contributes to equipment malfunction in your kitchen exhaust, making your business vulnerable to costly fire and damages. The last statistics proved that over 7, 460 structure fires in restaurants and bars are reported annually to the U.S. fire department. At KM Facility Services of AZ, we know that the biggest threat in commercial kitchens is a greasy exhaust system. That is why we provide professionally licensed kitchen exhaust cleaning services that save lives and property damages throughout Arizona.

Prevent Loss from Revenue and Costly Repairs

Facts don’t lie, and greasy kitchen exhaust can become a towering inferno within minutes. It only takes some grease buildup and flames to turn your commercial dream kitchen into a nightmare. In the process, owners can risks losing their regular customers due to closing for extensive fire repairs. Almost every commercial kitchen generates grease, and in turn creates a big fire hazard to customers and employees. Loss of life due to kitchen fires has increased as of late. Don’t be a statistic.  The only way to prevent kitchen fires is to take a preventative stand against them with regular kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings.

Professional Duct and Hood Cleaning Services

Kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts collect cooking residue and vapors easily. There has been a 20% increase in kitchen fires where kitchen hood and duct maintenance has been neglected. At KM Facility Services, we provide a thorough inspection prior to any kitchen exhaust cleaning services. We make sure that we note any bad wiring, grease on the roof, noisy exhaust fan and verify that your equipment is in good working condition. The process we use is hot water at high pressure to remove all grease from the roof to the hood. Afterward, we clean up, and grease left behind, polish the hood and backsplash, run the system to ensure it is in working order and place an inspection sticker on the hood. We also provide these services when your kitchen is closed so that you do not need to close your business for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

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