How Does Your Ceiling Tile Measure Up to Your Competitors?

If truth is spoken, most investors never think of looking up when preparing their storefronts or commercial businesses. Unfortunately, when customers see dirty, dingy ceiling tile, it reflects an image of your company you may not want to project. Stained ceiling tile does not need to be replaced at a costly expense. KM Facility Services of Arizona offers ceiling tile cleaning services that save business owners like yourself a bundle when it comes to repairing ceiling tile and your company image.

Dirty Ceiling Tile Harbors Germs, Mold, Bacteria, and More

Have you or your employees been complaining about allergic reactions to something in the office or storefront area? It might not be a product in the store, or anything from outdoors triggering coughs, sneezing or congestion. It may be dirty ceiling tile known for trapping allergens and wreaking havoc on those susceptible to allergies and asthma problems. Bigger problems present themselves than stained ceiling tile when your customers and employees are at risks of constant illness. We eliminate both problems quickly and on your time frame, ensuring that your business is not closed for ceiling tile cleaning. We also use practical GREEN cleaning solutions that do not contribute to respiratory problems, but leave behind a fresh, clean scent, not a strong chemical odor. We have found that our ceiling tile cleaning services have saved our customers thousands on ceiling tile replacement costs and allowed them to keep their businesses looking more inviting.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Ceiling Tile Cleaning Company?

Not all companies are alike in their standards or experience when it comes to cleaning ceiling tile. Most use chemical cleaners and never take extra precautions to ensure that your business equipment or store products are protected before they ever begin the project for cleanup. KM Facility Services takes several measures to protect your investment, including covering up your equipment and flooring before cleaning your ceiling tile. Should any unexpected mess be made on the floor, we will clean it as part of the cleanup effort to sanitize your store. We don’t just remove dirt and stains from your ceiling tile; we sanitize it. In the process, we eliminate all of the bacteria, mold, mildew that is harboring within the pores of your ceiling tile causing illness and allergic reactions.

Need a Free Quote?

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