HVAC Coil Cleaning Protects and Extends the Life of Your Unit

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we take pride in assisting our customers with regular maintenance schedules, especially HVAC coil cleaning. We understand the importance of keeping HVAC coils clean. Without regularly maintaining your HVAC system, you might find that your energy bills have increased or that your system is running sluggish. Both are sure signs that your HVAC coils are clogged, putting you at risks for a complete system failure. It is understood across the board that HVAC coil cleaning protects and extends the life of your unit.

Clogged Coils Add Up to High Repair Costs!

When we initially hear from many of our customers, it is due to having issues with their HVAC or experiencing a total breakdown. We find that it is important to educate our customers on the need for regular HVAC maintenance to try and save them money and the problems that come with HVAC maintenance neglect. KM Facility Services keeps our prices affordable so that customers can take advantage of our services. What is not affordable is a system breakdown. With a breakdown, most of the time a required replacement part is necessary. Parts for HVAC’s can be costly, and if it needs to be ordered, it only increases the downtime of your HVAC system.
Can you afford a lengthy HVAC system downtime? Most businesses cannot. With regular HVAC maintenance, we become proactive in ensuring that your HVAC system is running at optimal levels. The first place we look is at your HVAC coil system. If we find clogged coils filled with dirt, dust, and microbes, we can guarantee that your indoor air has been compromised. That is why we recommend systematic check-ups for your HVAC system, ensuring that your service will never be interrupted by something that is completely avoidable.

KM Facility Services Coil Cleaning Protocol

Our company uses GREEN cleaning solutions to ensure that your indoor air remains fresh and clean, and not chemically contaminated. With our hot, high-pressure washers, we ensure that your HVAC coils are cleaned safely and thoroughly. Our licensed staff also make sure that every part of your HVAC system is running as expected and keep it running. Regular maintenance and checkups save our customers an enormous amount on high bills sustained by a severe breakdown.

Call KM Facility Services today for a free quote on HVAC coil cleaning and system maintenance. Contact us for more information at (623) 930- 5490 in regard to our HVAC Coil Cleaning service. We will come to your business in Arizona, including Phoenix, and Tucson, AZ areas.