We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State

Soda blasting is a system utilized on exceptionally permeable or delicate surfaces that could some way or another be harmed by other customary methods for safeguarding. Sandblasting can be used to perfect wood, substrate, and other hard surfaces rapidly and securely. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we endeavor to keep Arizona looking clean and pristine. We offer Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout AZ State.

Our Soda and Sandblasting Services are GREEN and safe for the Environment!

At KM Facility Services, we bring additional consideration with each cleaning service that we offer, and that includes our soda and sandblasting services. We take pride in utilizing GREEN solutions for keeping Arizona beautiful. Better yet, all of our soda and sandblasting services are extremely reasonable! With the assistance of soda and sandblasting services, entrepreneurs have realized the ease of removing oil, carbon, grease, gasket material, and different contaminants that influence their investments. Soda and sandblasting services can restore any item or property back to its unique condition. In the event that you have an anodized covering such as on tombstones or landmarks, soda blasting can evacuate the erosion without deforming the surface of the item. Similar to soda blasting, sandblasting leaves behind a smooth, prepared surface ready for paint or other applications. Again, keep in mind that soda and sandblasting, never scratch or deform the surface, giving our customers confidence that their investment is safe and protected.

KM Facility’s Authorized Service Contractors Can Offer Safe Soda and Sandblasting Services

In the event that you are looking for licensed contractors to provide soda and sandblasting services, KM Facility Services of Arizona can offer assistance! For a free quote, call (623) 930-5490 today. Because we take pride in caring for all of our Arizona customers, we offer affordable soda and sandblasting for all of your needs. Our cleaning services cover the entire state, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona regions.