We Are The Leading Soda and Sandblasting Services Provider for Arizona!

When people think of hiring a professional company in AZ for Soda and Sandblasting Services, it is no surprise that KM Facility Services are the ones that they call. We hold the record of providing licensed, professional soda and sandblasting services throughout the state. Chances are, you have already seen some of our work on buildings, bridges, parks, roadways, drivethru’s and more! That is why we are the leading soda and sandblasting services provider for Arizona!

Our Services Restore Businesses Affected By Graffiti and More

Want a more affordable solution to removing graffiti, dirt, grease or other grime from your commercial building? Many business owners overlook the possibilities that soda and sandblasting services can provide. There is no need to reach for a paint brush to cover up or to apply another layer over your investment. Let us clean it up for you and restore your facility or commercial building with soda and sandblasting services at a fraction of the costs!

Need To Prep A Project Prior to Painting?

There are many solutions to providing a clean and ready surface for paint or other applications, but professional soda and sandblasting services have quickly become investors’ first choice when it comes to removing dirt or any grime. Do you need to strip paint off your building or another project easily? There is no better solution! Soda and Sandblasting Services can prepare just about any surface for treatment, painting or whatever your need is. Are you in need of a perfectly primed surface for paint, stain or sealant? We can prep cement, metals, wood, plastic, man-made materials or just about anything that you have in mind.

We Clean Mechanic Shops, Fast Food Drivethru’s, Banks, Hospitals, and More!

Unlike other cleaning solutions, soda and sandblasting services can provide a variety of options when it comes to obtaining a restored surface that looks pristine and inviting. Mold and mildew can quickly destroy your investment, but our soda and sandblasting services can remove every trace of these dangerous contaminants and leave behind a cleaned surface that is completely restored. Whether you need to just cleanup your businesses appearance or need some serious restoration, we can help!

For a free quote on Soda or Sandblasting Services, call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 today! We keep Arizona clean, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona townships.