Why Do Businesses Depend Upon Soda and Sandblasting Services?

Some may be asking what the difference between soda or sandblasting services are and which one should be chosen for what job.  We provide licensed and experienced services such as soda and sandblasting so that our customers have more options when it comes to cleanup or preparation of surfaces. Once you see our work you, you will understand why businesses depend upon soda and sandblasting services from KM Facility Services of Arizona.

Soda Is Less Abrasive and Recommended for Cleaning or Prep of Sensitive Surfaces

Soda blasting became famous for tombstones and monuments needing cleanup as it allows for a more gentle approach. As soda blasting became popular, users began to realize that de-greasing motors and preparing vehicles for a paint job was made much easier and safer. By hand, one would take several hours to prepare the chrome, plastics and other parts on the surface of a vehicle for a paint job. Soda blasting does all of that and more in a fraction of the time and costs, and does it safely! Surfaces such as wood, concrete, and glass can all benefit from soda blasting services. Parks, playgrounds and city buildings and properties all use soda blasting to keep their businesses looking pristine.

Sand Blasting For Serious Surface Cleanup

One can take a more abrasive approach when it comes to removing paint, rust, and other hard to remove stains or pollutants from surfaces. Abrasive blasting, or sandblasting has been used for decades to remove rust, paint, and corrosion rapidly, and save time in regard to elbow grease preparations. At KM Facility Services of AZ, we provide a variety of sandblasting materials, depending on the surface of the project. Some sandblasting materials are far too harsh or hot for surfaces, but walnut shells allow us to use sandblasting techniques on hard to reach, curved metal surfaces that need cleanup or prep without creating an abundance of heat that can damage wiring and other aspects of the project.

Project Demands Determine the Choice of Media Needed For Each Project

KM Facility Services of Arizona offers free estimates for Soda and Sandblasting Services. Once we evaluate the project, we can let you know which one of the media’s is best for your needs. We may even use both services depending on the project. Dirt, grime, graffiti can all become a problem of the past for your business, so let us help! Call (623) 930-5490 today. We help keep Arizona clean, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona townships.