Remove Old Paint, Graffiti and More with Soda & Sandblasting Services

Soda and sandblasting services have been around for decades, yet many business owners have yet to learn the value of it or how to save money because of it.  Instead of repainting your commercial building because of its dingy appearance or graffiti damage, KM Facility Services of Arizona offers a better way to save time and reduce the costs of a total revamp. We can remove old paint, graffiti and more with soda & sandblasting services that protect and restore your commercial investment!

How Can Soda and Sandblasting Help Restore Your Business?

Whether you own a storefront, drive thru, mechanic’s shop or other commercial site, we can provide professional services to remove grease, graffiti, dirt, gunk or other contaminants that make your building look old or drab, and keep customers away. Maybe you have been thinking of hiring a painter to paint your building when all that you need is a good soda or sandblasting service to restore your investment and make it look brand new for much less than hiring a painter.

Soda and Sandblasting Can Prime Any Surface In Less Time!

Thinking of removing old paint or rust from your building or metal project? KM Facility Services can provide a complete removal of paint or rust from any surface, leaving it completely primed and ready for any application of paint, sealant or even staining. Soda and sandblasting can be used on surfaces such as cement, rock, wood, plastic, man-made materials and more. In Arizona, we can provide cleaner parks and play equipment, walkways, bridges and buildings so Arizona continues to look cleaner and more attractive.

Don’t Call a Painter, Call KM Facility for Your Commercial Restoration

Did you know that mold and mildew can be removed with soda blasting services? We offer complete remediation services for commercial owners who need professional help to remove mold and mildew and restore their investment to its original state. We also provide restoration services for commercial buildings that need a bit of a facelift from the effects of the environment or when their building needs to look its best. There is no need to call a painter, when all that you need is a professional soda or sandblasting service that is licensed and guaranteed to give you the results that you are looking for and that costs far less than a commercial paint job.

If your commercial building is in need of our soda or sandblasting services, don’t hesitate to call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote today! We provide soda and sandblasting services throughout the state, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.