Soda and Sandblasting Services Keep Arizona Clean and Beautiful

If you drive through some of the beautiful metropolitan areas of Arizona, chances are you have seen some of KM Facility Services work at hand in keeping our parks and city structures appearing pristine. Whether it is bridges, monuments, walkways, buildings or other structures, you most likely have seen some of our professional work. The fact is; our soda and sandblasting services keep Arizona clean and beautiful year round!

Soda and Sandblasting Removes Old Paint, Grease and More

Commercial owners call KM Facility Services of Arizona when they need to protect their investment and make their properties look attractive and pristine. It is not uncommon for oil carbon, grease, paint and coatings or erosion to downgrade the value of your property. The safety of using soda and sandblasting has been around for decades and has been the best GREEN solution when cleanup of commercial property is needed. Anodized coatings are often found on statues and headstones as well as other limestone structures. Left untreated, and your investment can literally deteriorate before your eyes. Soda blasting can remove the danger of such buildup without causing any damaging results, often found with other types of restoration services. Soda blasting is a great treatment for mold eradication and remediation too.

Sandblasting is very useful when property owners need surfaces primed like wood, metal, or other surfaces that often take hours to clean before painting or applying other treatments. Sandblasting leaves behind a smooth, clean surface ready for any application. That is why car repair shops, remodel services, parks, and other city services request sandblasting services for signage and other park equipment. Sandblasting gets the job done right the first time.

If your commercial business is in need of a soda or sandblasting services or restoration treatments, call KM Facility Services of Arizona for a free quote today at (623) 930-5490. We maintain all of Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.