Spring Leads To More Soda and Sandblasting Projects

At KM Facility of Arizona, our spring schedule is already filling up when it comes to providing Soda and Sandblasting Services. Spring usually is the time to start cleaning up commercial properties, and in the process commercial owners may discover unwanted grease, oil, carbon, gasket material, paint and coatings or erosion eating away at their profits. Soda and Sandblasting can save business owners a lot of money as most cleanups can be treated easily and efficiently. As usual, spring leads to more Soda and Sandblasting projects, and at KM Facility Services, we are ready to help!

What Is The Difference Between Soda and Sandblasting?

Soda and Sandblasting can clean sub surfaces made of plastic, woods, concrete and composites without leaving behind any damaging results or ill effects. For instance, soda blasting is remarkably suitable for anodized coatings often found on headstones and monuments.  Soda blasting can actually restore an object back to its original condition for pennies on the dollar.

Sand blasting uses a different technique that is known to propel small bits of material (walnut shells, copper slag and/or textured powders at higher velocities. This kind of professional cleaning is more abrasive and can actually etch the surface. Sandblasting is very effective in providing the perfect priming of a surface prior to painting or sealing. If you are planning on painting a surface that needs stripping of old paint, sandblasting leaves behind a dust proof, smooth surface on walls and other structures, ensuring that coatings go on easily and look professional every time.

Professional Soda and Sandblasting Services of Arizona

KM Facility Services provide professional Soda and Sandblasting services throughout Arizona. We are skilled in restoration and take every precaution when providing these services to protect our team and our clients. We do this by wearing protective gear, especially while sandblasting, and controlling the dust or residue during the process.

If your commercial business could use a facelift with soda or sandblasting services, contact KM Facility Services of AZ for a quote at (623) 930-5490. We provide services throughout Arizona, including metropolitan areas such as Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.