Soda & Sandblasting Services Restore and Renew Your Investment

Many business owners are not aware of how soda and sandblasting services work or how using such services can help save them money in the long run. At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we have helped many companies just like yours with affordable soda and sandblasting services that restore and renew your investment.

What Kind Of Projects Benefit From Soda & Sandblasting?

If your business or investment is in need of deep grease, paint and/or coatings removal, or is experience surface corrosion, sand or soda blasting can completely restore your investment and save you time and money too. Soda and sandblasting can also remove carbon, oil, gasket material, and cleans surfaces such as plastic, wood, concrete, and other composites without damaging them or causing distortion. Some of the best ways to restore and renew monuments or headstones is using soda blasting, as it is a safe green way to restore such objects to their original condition. Professionals have used soda or sandblasting blasting for decades to keep historic sites, monuments and national parks looking pristine, while saving literally thousands of dollars on restorations.

What Exactly Does Soda or Sandblasting Consist Of?

Soda and Sandblasting offer the GREEN solution to cleaning up areas or objects, without causing any environmental risks. Sandblasting propels small bits of material such as walnut shells, copper slag or textured powders through a high velocity application. This type of application cleans with abrasiveness and etching of the surface. It is great when priming a surface or prepping it for paint or sealant. If you look through Arizona, you will see some of K M Facilities Services work first hand on city bridges and structures. Soda blasting is used for finer materials that require a more delicate approach, such as limestone or marble projects.

When it comes to restoring your investment, K M Facility Services of Arizona can help. For a free quote on your project, simply give us a call at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses throughout Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson areas.