The Benefits of Soda and Sandblasting Services

Business owners often overlook the availability to restore their commercial properties with soda or sandblasting. They often forget about the benefits of soda and sandblasting services, when graffiti or other unsightly damage is occurs on their investment property. Most people just reach for paint brush or hire a painting crew. At KM Facility of Arizona, we have assisted business owners by providing soda and sandblasting services that cost way less and restore their investment to its original condition!

Wood, Plastic, Concrete and More can Be Completely Restored!

Deep grease, paint and other coating removal, as well as rust and corroded surfaces, can all be restored with soda and sandblasting services. It can be very costly to hire professional painters and other removal services, which cannot guarantee a complete restoration to your commercial property. Soda and sandblasting services are far more affordable, and they can offer our clients a ‘piece of mind’ when they need results fast! Because our services guarantee removal of carbon, oil and other greasy messes, we have been able to help our clients save money and time. Our services also restore surfaces like wood, plastic, and cement without causing distortion or damage. This is especially important for headstones, or statues that need gentle, professional cleaning. Our GREEN products also lend to a safe environment, so no matter where we provide restoration services, your customers or pets, or wildlife are not at risks in regard to contaminants that cause health concerns to arise.

Which Restoration Service Do You Need?

Confusion can occur when trying to choose the accurate service of sandblasting or soda blasting to restore your investment. That is why it takes a licensed professional such as KM Facility Services to offer the proper choice of cleaning without putting your investment at risks. For a free quote, call us today at (623) 930-5490. We provide soda and sandblasting services throughout Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix areas.