Dangerous Kitchen Grease Fires Increase During The Holidays

In just a few minutes, before you know it, a grease fire can take over your commercial kitchen and ruin not only your investment, but the holidays for you, your employees and patrons of your restaurant or hospitality business. It is a known fact that dangerous kitchen grease fires increase during the holidays, and at K M Facility Services of Arizona, we are here to help prevent your commercial investment from becoming a casualty and counted total loss.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Avoids Fire Catastrophes

Trapped Grease Is The Suspected Cause For Restaurant Fire That Killed Four

This last May, a Houston, TX fire took the lives of four firefighters, known as the deadliest blaze ever recorded in their 188 year old history.  Though the cause of the fire was still under investigation when reported, the blaze was believed to have begun in the small kitchen of the Bhojan Resturant, attached to the Southwest Inn.  On May 31, 2013, one of the kitchen employees ran into the main hotel and told guests to evacuate. The fact that trapped grease is the suspected cause for restaurant fire that killed four firefighters makes this report even more disturbing.

Longmont, CO Reports That Restaurant Closed After Grease Fire

Ongoing reports continue to come in about kitchen grease fires in restaurants and the destruction often left behind that could have been prevented. Just this week, on June 11, 2013, Aunt Alice’s Kitchen of Longmont, CO has fallen victim to a grease fire that closed its doors. The news in Longmont, CO reports that the restaurant closed after a grease fire. K M Facility Services of Arizona has seen where kitchen exhaust systems that have been poorly maintained, cause grease fires. That is why we hold regular maintenance schedules with commercial kitchens.

Kitchen Fire Could Have Been Prevented at KFC/Long John Silver’s Restaurant

Apparently, last week in Henrico, Virginia a kitchen fire caused a devastating grease fire and closure of the Patterson Avenue Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silver’s Restaurant until further notice. The fire broke out, and the kitchen employees— try as they may, could not get it under control before being fleeing the kitchen for safety. What started in the fryer basket, quickly spread to the hood vent system, and from then on, firefighters tackled the blaze that caused thick black smoke to billow from the roof of the building and the entrance to the establishment.

Prevent Devastating Fires With A Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning

Time and time again, KM Facility Services of Arizona has witnessed the damages that take place when a kitchen fire gets out of control. Just this month, in Naperville, IL another restaurant owner experienced their life dreams go up into flames.  Later reports indicate that the kitchen hood ductwork was the culprit. That is why we try to alert business owners that they can prevent devastating fires with a kitchen exhaust inspection and cleaning.  For the owner of Katy’s Dumpling House, a grease fire on February 3, 2013, put her out of operation.

Don’t Take Kitchen Fire Risks in the New Year

Well, we have turned another corner, and the New Year has arrived safely for us and our customers. Unfortunately, New Year’s Day brought grave news to Little Caesar’s Pizza Owner in Muskegon, Michigan as a kitchen fire gutted their restaurant.  The fire did not just damage the pizza business, but smoke damage spread throughout the complex affecting three other businesses. Don’t take kitchen fire risks in the New Year that could destroy your business or harm your employees.

Holiday Season Increases the Need to Inspect Kitchen Exhaust

We are at the end of October, and friends and family, as well as co-workers, are planning their holiday parties and gatherings all over Arizona. As a business owner, the last thing that you want to ignore is the Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and required cleaning ensuring your customers are safe at your restaurant or venue. Holiday Season increases the need to examine kitchen exhaust units ensuring that they are void of debris and grease, which is one of the greatest common reasons for fires during the holidays.

Baron’s Pub Fire Due to Greasy Kitchen Exhaust

Last year Baron’s Pub in PORTSMOUTH, VA experienced a destructive fire that could have been prevented with proper kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspections. KM Facility Services of Arizona has seen the tragic results a kitchen fire can cause, and that is why we recommend a thorough cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems and annual inspections to ensure your safety, and the protection of your customers. No life was lost during the fire, however it was noted that one person was rescued from the second story building that houses the famous local pub.

Value Season in Arizona Means Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Time!

From June through August is value season for the state of Arizona. What does that mean to restaurant owners who are anticipating larger crowds? Value season in Arizona means kitchen exhaust inspection time. Nothing can destroy your opportunity for commerce more readily than a kitchen exhaust fire that could be prevented through basic inspection and proper maintenance.

Tempe Arizona Restaurant Suffers from Grease Fire in Ductwork

Kitchen Fire Destroys City Landmark Café

If you are still debating whether kitchen exhaust inspections are necessary for your restaurant kitchen, you may want to think again! KM Facility Services has seen the devastation caused by kitchen fires. They understand the importance of annual inspections, and in providing Arizonians with proper maintenance to avoid such a catastrophe. Do you want to prevent your establishment from being in the news like the kitchen fire that destroyed a city landmark café?