Trapped Grease Is The Suspected Cause For Restaurant Fire That Killed Four

This last May, a Houston, TX fire took the lives of four firefighters, known as the deadliest blaze ever recorded in their 188 year old history.  Though the cause of the fire was still under investigation when reported, the blaze was believed to have begun in the small kitchen of the Bhojan Resturant, attached to the Southwest Inn.  On May 31, 2013, one of the kitchen employees ran into the main hotel and told guests to evacuate. The fact that trapped grease is the suspected cause for restaurant fire that killed four firefighters makes this report even more disturbing. This especially true since commercial kitchens are required to make sure that their kitchen exhaust system is routinely cleaned and that inspections are regularly maintained, due to safety concerns. At K M Facility of Arizona, we are licensed in kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection, making sure our customers never has to encounter such a loss of their investment, nor put others at the risks of loss of life.

Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Avoids Dangerous Risks of Fire

As a business owner, you never want to place your employees or guests in harm’s way, but you might be doing exactly that if you have not had a kitchen exhaust inspection performed consistently. Your business relies upon a functional and properly working kitchen exhaust system, ensuring safety for your business and also covering any legal issues that may arise should a kitchen fire take place.
At K M Facility Services, we provide a thorough inspection of your kitchen exhaust system. We will careful note any problems found, including poor wiring, grease on the roof, vibration causing fan noise, etc. Afterwards, we fix any repairs needed then start the nitty-gritty work of removing every trace of grease from your kitchen exhaust system.

Checkpoints For Proper Kitchen Exhaust Grease Removal

Initially, we apply degreasing chemicals to the fan, all the ductwork, filters and hood, after protecting your kitchen and roof with plastic sheeting. Afterwards, we clean the hood, filters, all vertical and horizontal ductwork, fans and empty the catch pans that are filled with greasy residue. We then wipe down the ladder and roof hatch, and all the equipment in the cleaning area. Afterwards, we mop the floor! After removing all the greasy water and gunk in appropriate areas, we polish your backsplash and hood inside and out.

If you need a reliable Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and grease removal, we can help! Just give us a call at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote. We service Phoenix, Tucson and the entire state of Arizona.