Prevent Devastating Fires With A Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning

Time and time again, KM Facility Services of Arizona has witnessed the damages that take place when a kitchen fire gets out of control. Just this month, in Naperville, IL another restaurant owner experienced their life dreams go up into flames.  Later reports indicate that the kitchen hood ductwork was the culprit. That is why we try to alert business owners that they can prevent devastating fires with a kitchen exhaust inspection and cleaning.  For the owner of Katy’s Dumpling House, a grease fire on February 3, 2013, put her out of operation.

Greasy Kitchen Hoods and Ductwork Are the Cause of Most Kitchen Fires

As a business owner, one of the best ways to protect your investment is to ensure that your kitchen exhaust system is regularly inspected and cleaned professionally. As a licensed provider of such services, KM Facility Services fully inspects your commercial kitchen and removes any risks found in your kitchen hood or exhaust system that could ignite a fire and cause costly damages and a long downtime.

What Exactly Does a Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning Involve?

KM Facility services of Arizona inspect your kitchen exhaust system in its entirety. Afterward, they get to work cleaning all of the ductwork, filters, fans and hood elements by degreasing them thoroughly. But that’s not all; in addition they clean out the catch pans and go outside on the roof hatch. There, they examine and remove any greasy fire risks residue that may remain.  Once completed, they remove dirty water and clean up afterward. This means when you come back in the kitchen that you will find a polished steel hood, backsplash and a ready to go back to work environment. After a final inspection, ensuring that everything is working appropriately, they place an inspection sticker on the kitchen hood, making sure that your kitchen has been made safe from a kitchen exhaust fire.

Schedule Your Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning Now!

If you have been putting off calling a professional for your kitchen inspection, now is the time to call and schedule your inspection and kitchen exhaust cleaning. Simply give us a call at (623) 930-5490 today! KM Facility Services provides Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning Services for all of Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson areas.