Kitchen Fire Destroys City Landmark Café

If you are still debating whether kitchen exhaust inspections are necessary for your restaurant kitchen, you may want to think again! KM Facility Services has seen the devastation caused by kitchen fires. They understand the importance of annual inspections, and in providing Arizonians with proper maintenance to avoid such a catastrophe. Do you want to prevent your establishment from being in the news like the kitchen fire that destroyed a city landmark café?

In October of 2011, a fifty year old landmark café in Ripley, TN was burned down completely due to a serious grease fire in the kitchen. Grease fires are extremely dangerous, and they can be avoided if all the kitchen equipment is maintained properly and inspected regularly. Renfrow’s Restaurant experienced a terrible loss after providing residents with fifty years of service. Not only were the nine patrons who were in the restaurant in danger, but two workers barely scathed the fire. In addition, there were two apartments that shared the wall of the restaurant, endangering other residents of the small town.

KM Facility Services of Arizona is a company that takes pride in ensuring that you and your restaurant are protected from such disasters. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is an essential maintenance that we provide to ensure that grease fires and other dangerous kitchen casualties are held at bay. We not only inspect your kitchen exhaust system, but we provide the top notch cleaning services needed to remove all grease and grime that causes such fires. KM Facility Services provides kitchen exhaust inspections and maintenance to Phoenix and Tucson and throughout all of Arizona. When you call KM Facility Services, you can put a stop to worrying whether your restaurant will be the next victim of a kitchen fire. Give us a call at (623) 930-5490 and set up your appointment today.