Value Season in Arizona Means Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Time!

From June through August is value season for the state of Arizona. What does that mean to restaurant owners who are anticipating larger crowds? Value season in Arizona means kitchen exhaust inspection time. Nothing can destroy your opportunity for commerce more readily than a kitchen exhaust fire that could be prevented through basic inspection and proper maintenance.

Tempe Arizona Restaurant Suffers from Grease Fire in Ductwork

On March 15, 2012, a grease fire broke out in the kitchen of My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Tempe, AZ. The fire began in the ductwork of the restaurant. The restaurant was open, and therefore not only was the restaurant at risks for being totally destroyed, patrons were also at risk. It takes nothing for a grease fire to get out of hand, and it could have totally been prevented if the restaurant had stayed on top of its maintenance schedule.

Proper Inspections and Maintenance Schedules are Key to Restaurant Safety

KM Facility Services of Arizona has seen the kind of devastation that can take place when restaurant owners overlook proper cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system. As service professionals, we do a thorough assessment of your restaurant kitchen and provide the kind of maintenance that prevents fires from developing in the first place. We remove all traces of old grease and grime that makes your restaurant kitchen susceptible for grease fires. Sure, you could have someone else do the job, but unless they are licensed and know how to inspect and clean your system and ductwork from grease residue, you’re leaving your restaurant open to fire risks.

KM Facility Services of Arizona provides kitchen exhaust inspections and maintenance to Phoenix and Tucson and throughout all of Arizona. Contact us now to ensure that your restaurant is safe for your employees and customers. Give us a call at (623) 930-5490 and set up your appointment today!