Don’t Take Kitchen Fire Risks in the New Year

Well, we have turned another corner, and the New Year has arrived safely for us and our customers. Unfortunately, New Year’s Day brought grave news to Little Caesar’s Pizza Owner in Muskegon, Michigan as a kitchen fire gutted their restaurant.  The fire did not just damage the pizza business, but smoke damage spread throughout the complex affecting three other businesses. Don’t take kitchen fire risks in the New Year that could destroy your business or harm your employees.

Leading Cause for Most Kitchen Fires is a Dirty Kitchen Exhaust System

Without a complete kitchen exhaust inspection, you could be the next victim of a devastating fire like the one that took over Little Caesar’s Pizza this week. KM Facility Services of Arizona are licensed and experienced kitchen exhaust inspectors who understand the dangers of ignoring grease buildup and other elements that lead to catastrophic kitchen fires. That is why we are trained in not only fully inspecting your commercial kitchen for such a possibility, but we provide cleaning solutions and preventative services that will keep your kitchen from ever being a fire statistic.

What Can You Expect From a Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning?

At KM Facility Services we inspect your entire kitchen exhaust system, and then we proceed to clean all of the ductwork, filters, fan, and hood elements by thoroughly degreasing them. Unlike other companies, we do not stop there. We clean out the catch pans and take a ladder onto the roof hatch so that we can easily clean the roof hatch ensuring that it is safe for use. After cleaning, we check all the equipment out again; to make sure it is properly functioning at its optimal level. After taking out all dirty water, and any mess that we might have made during the process, we leave behind a polished backsplash, and polished steel hood(s) with a new service sticker attached to it.

There is no need to take the risk with a dirty kitchen exhaust system. At KM Facility Services of Phoenix, Tucson and all of the Arizona area, we proudly service our happy customers on a regular basis. To schedule your inspection and kitchen exhaust cleaning, give us a call at (623) 930-5490 today!