Baron’s Pub Fire Due to Greasy Kitchen Exhaust

Last year Baron’s Pub in PORTSMOUTH, VA experienced a destructive fire that could have been prevented with proper kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspections. KM Facility Services of Arizona has seen the tragic results a kitchen fire can cause, and that is why we recommend a thorough cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems and annual inspections to ensure your safety, and the protection of your customers. No life was lost during the fire, however it was noted that one person was rescued from the second story building that houses the famous local pub.

Kitchen Exhaust Fire Shuts Down Pub

Not only can a kitchen fire be hazardous by threatening life, it can cause your operation to be shut down for weeks and months as damages are repaired. According to the co- owner said, “It’s going to be tough,” co-owner Tyler said. “We’ll see how it goes. We want to get back up and running as quickly as possible.” The fire department admits that the flame started in the cooking hood system over the top of the large oil fryers.

How to Prevent Kitchen Exhaust Fires

As professionals, KM Facility Services always starts degreasing tasks with an extensive evaluation of your kitchen exhaust systems. We make note of any foreseeable problems found; such as faulty wiring, grease on the roof, fan noise/vibration, etc., and verify that the fans are in proper working order before beginning an in-depth cleaning job. We make sure that the fan, hood, duct work, and filters are degreased appropriately, and we always remove any excess water, caused by the cleaning before polishing the inside and outside of steel hoods and backsplashes. Once we are satisfied that your kitchen exhaust system is 100% safe for use, we will replace the service sticker on the hood, fill out a service report and leave it for the manager—it’s that easy!

Don’t risks losing your business over a grease fire! Call KM Facility Services of Arizona today for a free kitchen exhaust cleaning quote. We maintain all of Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson communities. Call (623) 930-5490 and let us help you keep grease at bay-today!