Longmont, CO Reports That Restaurant Closed After Grease Fire

Ongoing reports continue to come in about kitchen grease fires in restaurants and the destruction often left behind that could have been prevented. Just this week, on June 11, 2013, Aunt Alice’s Kitchen of Longmont, CO has fallen victim to a grease fire that closed its doors. The news in Longmont, CO reports that the restaurant closed after a grease fire. K M Facility Services of Arizona has seen where kitchen exhaust systems that have been poorly maintained, cause grease fires. That is why we hold regular maintenance schedules with commercial kitchens. We perform kitchen exhaust inspections and remove buildup and grease that cause devastating fires.

How Do Grease Fires Happen?

Grease fires occur when collections of oil and grease on a stove, oven or fryer build up and become hot enough to ignite. In addition, a kitchen exhaust system that has failed to be cleaned regularly can also cause a grease fire to go out of control. As the fire spreads, it finds more fuel like cabinets and other flammable areas in the kitchen to continue causing destruction.

K M Facility Services Prevents Kitchen Fires with Kitchen Exhaust Inspections

At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we take the time to inspect your kitchen exhaust system thoroughly, which happens to be the leading source for devastating kitchen fires that spread quickly. We recognize the importance of routine maintenance checks and ensuring that your commercial kitchen is free from the possibility of ever becoming a statistic like so many other restaurants in the nation.

We inspect your kitchen exhaust system, clean it from the inside out, go outside to the roof vent and remove all grease, do away with all dirty water left behind, polish your backsplash and hood and turn on your exhaust system insuring your fans and system are operable. Afterward, we leave a sticker on your kitchen exhaust hood letting you know that your kitchen is safe.

Don’t take the risk of losing your investment when a grease fire can be prevented. Call K M Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 and schedule a kitchen exhaust inspection today. We service all of Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson areas.