Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Prevents Fires

Arizona Restaurants are Safer Due to KM Facility Services

If you peruse the internet for any amount of time, chances are you will discover damage reports of restaurants being totally destroyed by kitchen fires. Though many will simply state that the cause is under investigation, the final report usually indicates a problem with the kitchen exhaust fan or lack of proper cleaning or inspection of the kitchen exhaust system. Restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning prevents fires and keeps your business, employees and patrons safe.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Keeps Arizona Safe.

Stop playing with fire when it comes to your kitchen exhaust system. Too many tragedies have happened, especially in restaurants that ignore the needed safety inspection and thorough cleaning of their exhaust systems. If the present company you are using does not entirely eliminate the (grease) from your duct work, then that same grease becomes fuel to feed the fire.