Kitchen Fire Could Have Been Prevented at KFC/Long John Silver’s Restaurant

Apparently, last week in Henrico, Virginia a kitchen fire caused a devastating grease fire and closure of the Patterson Avenue Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silver’s Restaurant until further notice. The fire broke out, and the kitchen employees— try as they may, could not get it under control before being fleeing the kitchen for safety. What started in the fryer basket, quickly spread to the hood vent system, and from then on, firefighters tackled the blaze that caused thick black smoke to billow from the roof of the building and the entrance to the establishment. K M Facility Services of Arizona continually warns their customers of such a hazard and knows firsthand that the kitchen fire could have been prevented at KFC/Long John Silver’s restaurant.

Kitchen Inspections and Proper Cleaning of Hood and Ductwork Prevents Catastrophes

K M Facility Services of AZ understands the importance of kitchen exhaust inspections and how a proper hood and ductwork inspection and cleaning prevents fires in the kitchen. This is why we offer kitchen inspections and professional cleaning services that not only save money, but lives.

What Can You Expect From A K M Facility Services Inspection?

A Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning are vital services that keep your commercial kitchen free from grease buildup and other factors that cause fires. Once we arrive, we do a thorough inspection of your kitchen hood and ductwork system, roll up our sleeves and start tackling the issues that are endangering your employees and your business investment. We clean the ductwork, filters, fans and hood elements by providing a comprehensive degreasing service. Subsequently, we clean out the catch pans and then we head outside to the roof hatch. After examining and removing any grease hazard, we clean up any mess made by grease removal, and polish your steel hoods and backsplash, leaving it like new!

After we work hard to restore your kitchen to a safe working environment, we’re not done yet. We turn on the system and make sure that the fans are operating in good working order. If they pass the inspection, you will find an inspection sticker on the hood that states your kitchen is safe for use.

Don’t wait until a devastating tragedy strikes your investment before you have a complete inspection of your kitchen exhaust system. Call (623) 930-5490 today and schedule an inspection now. We service Tucson, Phoenix and all of Arizona.