Arizona’s Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance Company

Cooling towers are known for providing an environment conducive to bacteria growth of over 50 different types of microbes, including those that cause flu-like symptoms. When a cooling tower goes unused for any length of time, it can exacerbate the issue. A well maintained HVAC system and cooling tower cleaning can prevent any of these harmful organisms from becoming seated inside your cooling tower and spreading disease. Savvy business owners understand the importance of fresh, clean indoor air. That is why they trust KM Facility Services, Arizona’s cooling tower cleaning and maintenance company.

How Often Do You Need to Ensure That Your Cooling Tower Is Cleaned?

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) all cooling towers should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. (OSHA technical manual-section III: Chap. 7) At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we provide a complete HVAC and cooling tower system maintenance and cleaning service that prevents corrosion, buildup of harmful bacteria and lengthens the life of your entire HVAC system.

Think GREEN Cleaning When You Think of KM Facility Services

KM Facility Services of Arizona believes in taking a more natural and safe approach when providing services to our customers. When we clean HVAC systems and cooling towers, we use non chemical solutions that keeps the indoor air completely safe from odors and chemicals that trigger asthma and other respiratory problems in people who are most susceptible. Our cooling tower cleaning and maintenance services includes the tower basin, distribution pan and every part of your cooling system. Keep in mind that every service that we provide includes the safe, GREEN approach. It allows our customers to have a peace of mind knowing that the air that they are breathing is safe for them, their employees and customers.

If you would like a free cooling tower maintenance quote, just give us a call at (623) 930- 5490 today. KM Facility Services cares for customers throughout Arizona including Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.