Prevent Your Business from Being at Risks with Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The tasks of keeping your kitchen exhaust hood, ductwork, filters and other elements clean is one that is forgotten about until a catastrophe sets in. However, without the proper kitchen exhaust cleaning, you’re a sitting duck just waiting for a grease fire to happen due to the buildup inside your exhaust system. Now is the time to prevent your business from being at risks with a kitchen exhaust cleaning by KM Facility Services of Arizona.

When is the Last Time Your Kitchen Exhaust System Was Cleaned?

Believe it or not, when we ask that question of some restaurant owners, they cannot answer it. Instead of trying to remember the last time you had your kitchen exhaust cleaned, you can schedule regular kitchen exhaust maintenance with KM Facility Services, ensuring that your employees and business assets are safe from a disastrous fire. We also offer kitchen exhaust cleaning on your time frame, when your kitchen is closed, allowing you to remain open for regular business hours.

Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleanings Are Required by Law

Did you know that regular kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by the law? Have you ever had a surprise fire inspection? If you are a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of regular kitchen exhaust cleanings because without it, your facility could be shut down. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services include flexible scheduling and cleaning of exhaust hoods, as well as the cleaning of the exhaust fan system. We also, clean the exhaust filters system, perform repair services, ensure ductwork cleaning, floor and surface cleaning, polishing of stainless steel surfaces, and provide an inspection validation.

If your restaurant or kitchen needs a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection, call the go-to pros at KM Facility Services of Arizona. Contact us today at (623) 930-5490. We provide services throughout the state, including Phoenix and Tucson, AZ area.