Why You Should Leave Fire Stopping Up To the Professionals

Fire and smoke penetration services should only be performed by a licensed professional. There are many reasons why at KM Facility Services of AZ, why we provide licensed services such as fire stopping. One, it prevents a catastrophe from happening to your investment property. Secondly, our fire and penetration services are guaranteed!  There are many reasons why you should leave fire-stopping to the professionals, so we are sharing some tips below to help save lives.

Only a Licensed Professional Can Guarantee Safety

An approved fire-stopping professional knows where to look for little breaches that can cause fire and smoke to pass through a building or complex quickly, and eradicate the threat. Unleveled flooring, gaps in walls and ceilings and drilled holes in walls or floors by contractors of cabling and electrical crews can render serious concern when it comes to your safety. A good design always permits fire and smoke protection services. All of our services meet governing standards and requirements, as well as comply with local codes to keep your investment safe. There may be a lot of DIY projects that you can offer when building or maintaining your investment, but fire and smoke penetration sealing is not one of them.

We Restore Fire Resistant Structures

As mentioned before, during construction many contractors drill holes in fire resistant rated walls, floors, ceilings, and other structures of the project. These are all required for cable, plumbing, and needed services, but leave behind a threat of fire spreading rapidly. Our goal at KM Facility Services is to restore any damage left behind by drilling holes and creating gaps, and in doing so we bring the project up to required fire codes. It is the law in Arizona to ensure that your building is safe from the spread of fire.

What Kind of Products Are Needed in Fire Stopping?

For one, keep in mind that all the products available on the market today are not entirely safe. At KM Facility Services, we take pride in our product knowledge and strive always to use products that are GREEN and safe. If a substandard product is used in repairing breaches, the structure is left at risks for a complete catastrophe. Professional fire and smoke sealing services prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout the complex and offer valuable time for escape. This is not the time to use substandard products that fail to meet required codes.

Why Are Ongoing Fire Stopping Services Necessary?

Once a building has occupants, wires get moved, new holes are drilled for cable or computer services and other needs. Before you know it, there is a breach created that will allow smoke and fire to enter the area. That is why ongoing fire and smoke penetration sealing is needed to keep everyone safe and to save an investor millions should a disaster incur.

Do you need fire and smoke penetration sealing services? At KM Facility services of Arizona, we keep your investment up to code! Contact us at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote today. We provide services within Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson townships.