Protect Your Investment with Cooler Tower Cleaning Services

One of the main reasons why business owners choose to have a cooler tower cleaning is because it lowers operating costs. Regular maintenance of the cooling tower is necessary so that dirt, debris and other elements that easily cause corrosion, can be removed safely. At KM Facility Services, we only use GREEN solutions when it comes to cleaning your HVAC cooling tower because we understand the importance of environmental safety. Now is the time to protect your investment with cooler tower cleaning services by KM Facility Services of Arizona.

How Often Should You Have Your Cooling Tower Cleaned?

Most professionals agree that periodic cleaning to remove dirt, mud and debris is necessary to extend the life of your cooling tower. When maintenance is ignored or forgotten about, an accumulation begins to form between the metal of the basin and the water, and soon corrosion sets in causing degradation. Corrosion can leave your HVAC crippled, as well as, cause lengthy downtimes and costly repairs. Mud, dirt and debris offer the perfect storm environment for micro-organisms to flourish. Once they start breeding, an acidic solution develops and increases your chances of corrosion.

How Does KM Facility Approach Cooling Tower Cleaning?

Once a year, or more if needed, evaporative salts need to be removed from the cooling system. All of the distribution decks and nozzles will be checked and cleaned, and if need be, replaced during the process of cleaning. Also, during the cooling tower cleaning, we will remove all of the mud and debris accumulations. These often settle in the tower basins low-flow areas, and should never be bothered or removed except by professionally licensed HVAC services personnel.

Extend The Life of Your HVAC Unit By Calling KM Facility Services Today!

Without a doubt, proper cooling tower cleaning will extend the life of your HVAC unit and allow it to keep working at optimal levels year round. If needed, we also offer resurfacing services, which save our customers money. Contact KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We provide services in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, as well as, throughout the state of Arizona.