KM Facility Services Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Professionals!

It does not matter if you need a general assessment, a kitchen hood cleaning or a comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning, you will be glad you called KM Facility Services kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals! We have the experienced staff that can take care of your kitchen inspection and cleanings right away, ensuring compliance.

From Rooftop to Cooktop We Have You Covered

KM Facility Services of Arizona performs a comprehensive inspection before they ever start cleaning your kitchen exhaust system. Our licensed professionals adhere to the NFPA standards you would expect and understand the importance of ventilation control and fire damage protection in commercial kitchens.

We Offer a Customized Cleaning Program for All of Our Customers

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we realize that every business is unique. With that being said, we customize our services to fit your individual needs. We offer kitchen exhaust cleanings along with our constant quality service that you can depend upon. When kitchen grease travels into the hood, then through the vent hood filters into the ductwork and onto the rooftop where your exhaust fan is mounted, all systems need to function flawlessly. This can only happen with regular de-greasing that prevents grease buildup, keeping your business safe from a fire catastrophe. Just because you cannot see the buildup, does not mean it is not there. We take pride in making sure that your kitchen exhaust system is running at an optimal level without risking the integrity of your business by ignoring details. When we finish cleaning, we turn on the exhaust system to double-check any discrepancy in performance. After removing all the grease, we shine the hood and backsplash and place an inspection sticker on the hood validating that services are ready for business.

Call KM Facility Services And Leave The Messy Grease Removal Up to Us!

We would love to hear from you if your commercial kitchen needs an inspection or kitchen exhaust cleaning. Simply call (623) 930-5490 to schedule a free quote. We service Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson areas.