Prevent Fire Spread with Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing

When architects design buildings, they also must include fire and smoke protection when drawing up the initial phase of the plans. KM Facility Services of Arizona works in close collaboration with builders, home owners, commercial property investors and others to ensure that your investment remains safe. We know that you can prevent fire spread with fire and smoke penetration sealing.

How Effective is Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing?

The effectiveness of fire and smoke penetration sealing largely depends upon the professional service that you hire to perform the job and how compliant your property is with regular fire and smoke penetration sealing maintenance. The licensed personnel must be reliable and work ethically meeting governing standards and regulations that comply with local fire codes. During construction or remodeling, builders and contractors are responsible for every hole placed in the fire resistant rated walls, floors or ceilings. These are imperative for wiring of electricity, cable, plumbing and other needed services. KM Facility Services trained and licensed personnel ensure that every breach is filled with fire resistant applications that ensure your investment is brought up to code once again. Fire and smoke penetration services are required by law because it saves lives by containing a fire to one area of building, allowing people to get out, and prevents fire from spreading throughout the complex.

Regular Maintenance Saves Lives

As the life of your commercial building ages, new holes for cabling or other amendments are made, decreasing the protection you had at first. That is why regular fire and smoke maintenance is essential for added protection and peace of mind. New gaps or holes left unattended cause integral problems for the entire building. Change is inevitable, but protection is not. One must be proactive in ensuring that their investment is protected, and that their investment remains a safe premise for all who work or reside there.

If your business is in need of fire and smoke penetration sealing that is performed to code and compliant with today’s standards, contact KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses throughout Arizona including the Phoenix and Tucson areas.