What’s All the Fuss about Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections?

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we have witnessed the damage caused by faulty fire and smoke dampers. As a business owner, you must understand that fire dampers help prevent the spread of flames where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. On the other hand, smoke dampers were developed to be installed within an air duct for the resistance of air and smoke passing through the system due to a fire emergency. If you have neglected the kind of protection needed in your air duct system, you may be asking, “What’s all the fuss about fire and smoke damper inspections?”

When Was Your Last Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection?

According to the National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA) 90A-19.4 and 19.5, 2007 Edition states: “Each damper shall be inspected one (1) year after installation and then the frequency shall be every six (6) years for hospitals.

Fire Dampers automatically close when temperatures rise inside the building, preventing the dangerous spread of flames. If your fire dampers have gone unchecked, who’s to say that your investment property is safe or compliant?

KM Facility Services Provides Timely Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections

We provide fire and smoke damper inspections to ensure that our customers are not at risks or playing with fire. Sometimes a faulty motor or mechanism is the culprit, causing your system to become inoperable. KM Facility Services of Arizona will conduct an inspection, recommend any repairs and provide service to bring your fire and smoke dampers up to regulations. In doing so, you can rest at ease knowing that licensed professionals are protecting your facility or investment property.

Don’t allow your investment to be at risks of fire spread and even worse, loss of life! Call KM Facility Services of Arizona for a free quote on your Fire and Smoke Inspection and services. You can reach us at (623) 930-5490. We provide fire and smoke damper inspections in Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson metropolises.