Pancrete & V570 Calculation Formula

When calculating for V570, you want to calculate in terms of feet. You need LxWxH for accuracy. For the example above, the length and width are already shown in feet, so we just need to convert the height measurement, which will become 0.5. You will multiply length X width and divide by 100 (conservative average of square feet per gallon of coverage): Bottom* 6 X 4 = 24 / 100 = .24 gal

Long Sides: 6 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.06
Short Sides 4 X 0.5 X 2 sides = 0.04

For only the sides, you should add the sums together and round to the nearest quart or
gallon: .06 + .04 = .10: A quart should be sufficient

For entire pan*, add all 3 sums: .24 + .06 + .04= .34: 2 quarts should be sufficient

When calculating for Pancrete, you want to calculate in terms of inches. You only need LxW for this. There are 12 inches per foot, so the dimensions will be converted to 72 x 48. Multiply length X width X .25 (recommended depth). Divide that sum by 231 (number of cubic inches in a gallon): 72 X 48 X .25 = 231 = 3.74 gallons

*Please note: Using V570 on the bottom of the pan prior to pouring Pancrete is only for aesthetic reasons. This may help to cover tiny holes you might have missed when taping, but this action will not improve chemical resistance or the actual performance of Pancrete in any way. V570 should be allowed to cure for at least 6 hours before pouring in Pancrete.