Water and Chemical Resistant Industrial Strength HVAC Surface Protector

HVAC Surfaces Can Take A Beating
Water, chemicals, contaminants, industrial gases, cleaners -all take their toll on the metals of an HVAC system. Flat surfaces, such as the condensate pan or drain basin, as well as vertical, slanted and curved HVAC surfaces will all eventually rust and corrode in the harsh HVAC environment.

The corrosion of heating and air conditioning units and evaporative coolers cost business millions of dollars every year in replacement and lost functionality. Corrosion can become so severe that leakage occurs right through the floor into sensitive office or kitchen or retail or storage spaces below on a lower level.

To protect your HVAC system from premature wear, you need a coating that will not peel in this harsh environment. V570 is the best solution available on the market today to protect all the surfaces in an HVAC system.

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