Extending HVAC System Life is Easy To Do.

You can extend the life and usability of your HVAC assets by coating vertical or curved metal surfaces and under Pancrete that is applied on horizontal surfaces that are under water. V570 is resistant to harsh industrial coil cleaning materials and is water resistant. Prevent rust and corrosion from occurring in the first place by coating early before any signs of deterioration. Prevent further deterioration by coating as soon as any corrosion is detected.

Small pinholes are a serious indication of corrosion and deterioration of the structural integrity of the HVAC system. V570 can seal small pinholes up to 25 mils in diameter, eliminating condensate leakage and reducing further deterioration.

On HVAC condensate pans and evaporative cooler basins where there is standing water, using a combination of a 114 inch coating of Pancrete Condensate Pan Resurfacer on top of the V570 will provide the ultimate protection.