Flex Seal is the Quick Solution to Arizona’s HVAC Coating Needs

If you have been putting off coating your HVAC system because the process is time consuming and causes severe odors, the solution has arrived. Flex Seal is the quick solution to Arizona’s HVAC coating needs. Unlike many sealants, Flex Seal needs little drying time and contains minimal odor. If you’re looking for expert assistance, K&M Facility Services of AZ are the pros when it comes to applying the sealant and maintaining your HVAC system.

Arizona Beats the Heat with Cooler Guard

Have you ever thought of the financial upkeep that it takes to maintain your evaporative cooler parts? These parts get scaled up due to long hours of operation and water flowing over them. Now, Arizona beats the heat with Cooler Guard.

Cooler Guard is a high maintenance product that cleans wherever the water reaches. It prevents corrosion and puts an end to scale accumulation on cooler parts. AZ has had plenty of the need to maintain evaporative coolers, and K&M Facility Maintenance knows exactly how to maintain evaporative cooler systems.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Keeps Arizona Safe.

Stop playing with fire when it comes to your kitchen exhaust system. Too many tragedies have happened, especially in restaurants that ignore the needed safety inspection and thorough cleaning of their exhaust systems. If the present company you are using does not entirely eliminate the (grease) from your duct work, then that same grease becomes fuel to feed the fire.

Certified HVAC System Cleaning is Saving Arizona Money

Cleaning your HVAC system might be the last thing on your mind, but it is an essential step to your health and energy savings. KM Facility Services certified HVAC system cleaning is saving Arizona money. It is vital to remember when selecting your HVAC cleaning company service provider, that you find one that is certified and trained to perform the job. Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent conducted a big sting operation on air duct cleaners who were fraudulently scamming folks by offering a coupon discount.

Commercial Ceiling Tile Cleaning in Arizona

One of the most neglected areas in your work facility can be the one thingthat prevents potential customers from doing business with your company. Dirty, drab and stained ceiling tiles can make the entire work place appear unmaintained and produce a lasting first impression that your company was not hoping for. Thanks to K&M Facility Services, commercial ceiling tile cleaning in Arizona is now readily available.

Commercial Pressure Washing is making a Splash in AZ.

Ever taken a drive up and down your industrial neighborhood and noticed how clean and bright some of the buildings, walkways and decks look? Most likely, they have hired a commercial pressure washing business to restore and maintain their pristine appearance. High traffic areas such as these accumulate more dirt, dust, grime and air pollution than residential areas could ever dream of. Due to this fact, the appearance of such buildings can look drab and dirty, causing potential customers to overlook your outstanding services. Commercial pressure washing is making a splash in AZ.

Limit Condensate Overflows and Water Damages

Sagging roof tiles, water spots and puddles are just a few of the cosmetic concerns caused by HVAC leaks, clogs and overflows. The more serious water damages that result include flooding, destruction of equipment, and mold growth inside of walls. However, all are maintenance problems that not only damage equipment and property, but are safety hazards and aesthetic concerns.

Pancrete and its Water-Repellant Nature: Protecting Condensate Pans through Intimidation

The Problem: After just a few years of service, galvanized condensate pans can start to corrode. This creates low spots in the pan causing water to pool, which accelerates the corrosion process, eventually causing the pan to leak. In the meantime, the standing water promotes biological growth, blocking the flow of water through the drain, resulting in pan overflows. Both scenarios, left unchecked, result in extensive water damage and repair.

How To Mix V570 By K.M. Facility Services, llc

HVAC Surfaces Can Take A Beating. Water, chemicals, contaminants, industrial gases, cleaners -all take their toll on the metals of an HVAC system. Flat surfaces, such as the condensate pan or drain basin, as well as vertical, slanted and curved HVAC surfaces will all eventually rust and corrode in the harsh HVAC environment.